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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Today I did something I haven't done for ages. I had almost three hours to myself in my house! Mr. Boy is at a full-day camp this week. I dropped him off for the bus at 8:30, then dropped the girls off at camp for 9:00. I didn't have to pick up the girls until noon!

I was almost giddy with excitement! I had a full morning planned. I stopped at the sewing machine store to get my presser foot fixed, then to the chiropractor for an overdue adjustment. I got home at 9:40 and sanded and washed the garage door trim I plan on painting this week. I moved inside and hung some hooks in the front hall. We'll be needing those when school starts again and we need backpacks and jackets at the ready.

I had a few phone calls to make. One to my brother, about the bachelor party, and one to the animal hospital to schedule getting my cat de-clawed. We've been trying to train her, and we have scratching posts galore, but she still insists on using the furniture, and usually at 4:00 a.m. Another call to my mom to arrange camp pickup for Thursday.

After that, I got on the computer and managed to waste spend the rest of the time on it. I had a few emails outstanding, and I had actually gotten up to 55 emails in my inbox! I have a rule that I should have no more than 30 emails in my inbox. It's just electronic clutter after that! I'm down to 29 right now, which was the best I could do.

So I had a productive morning. And I get three more hours to myself tomorrow! Yeah me!


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