Civic Holiday

Monday, August 3, 2009

Today is the civic holiday, and a day I am usually at work. It is nice being home. And the weather is perfect!

Last night, we went to an all-you-can-eat sushi restaurant for my aunt's 70th birthday. The company was great because we were sitting with my cousin and his family, and the sushi and the other food was fantastic! Next time, we'll leave the kids at home. It was almost $100 for the five of us and Mr. Boy had 5 onion rings and few bits of rice. The girls each had some rice, and Sweet Pea ate the lemon garnish off of one of the dishes. Not much food my kids enjoyed, but DH and I are planning to go back for lunch during the first week of September. Yum!

After we got home, DH and I watched some TV and chatted, then we went to his music studio and I sang some lyrics over two of his songs. For one of the songs, he had given it to me in advance and I had written out some lyrics. Then, we were having so much fun, he played a different song for me, and I just wrote out phrases that I liked, and I improvised it. Best part, is that DH was so encouraging. I'm thinking of playing the bass along with his keyboards and drums. I play the guitar, but probably not well enough to play and sing.

This morning, DH let me sleep in (again!), then I swept the asphalt driveway and sealed it. It looks really black. I might have to do a second coat, but it can wait. Tomorrow, I'm doing the prep work to paint the garage door trim to match the new windows. I have all of the supplies already, and I'll have almost three hours to myself because Mr. Boy is in full day camp starting tomorrow, and the girls are in a camp from 9 -12 every day.

DH is fixing the desktop computer this weekend. It's been out of commission for about a month due to a nasty virus. Because we have redundant hard drives, he was able to save all of our files, but he still has to re-install the operating system and all of the programs. Thank goodness for the laptop!

After I sealed the driveway, we took the kids for a short nature walk before lunch. They were 'animal scientists' and they were 'exploring'. It cute!
Gotta love holidays!


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