Adenoids Come Out, Ear Tubes Go In

Monday, August 31, 2009

My youngest child, Precious is having surgery today to have her adenoids removed and ear tubes put in. This will be her second set of ear tubes. The last ones fell out, but did their job while they were in. Last fall, she was scheduled for ear tubes, but we canceled her surgery at the last minute because we felt the risk of long-term damage to her ears didn't outweigh the inconvenience of recurring ear infections.

Were we wrong! Precious missed at least 6 weeks of school last winter because of recurring ear infections. It was frustrating for us, painful for her, and of course, her hearing was dampened through it all. I'm sure that didn't improve her speech skills.

In June, we met with her speech pathologist again and we raised concerns about Precious leaving her mouth hanging open. Turns out she can't breathe through her nose and this has led to loud snoring at night, mouth breathing, which is bad for teeth and mouth development, and has contributed to her chronic ear infections.

I can't say I'm not nervous about today's surgery. Of course I am.

Once Precious has recovered, hopefully she will be able to breathe through her nose, hear better, stop snoring, and be able to keep her mouth closed. It could help improve the shape of her mouth and palette.


Christine August 31, 2009 at 7:18 AM  

Thinking of you guys and wishing for a quick recovery for N!!

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