Surgery Went Well

Monday, August 31, 2009

I just wanted to let everyone know that Precious' surgery went well and she is home and doing fine. We will be using copious amounts of Tylenol, and smaller amounts of antibiotics and codeine for the next week or so.

The surgery went well, was on time, and finished more or less on time. I went to the recovery room to see Precious and she was moaning like a wounded animal, which I guess she was. It was heart-wrenching. She had blood near her ears and some dried up on her nose. Then she was thrashing and kicking and yelling that she wanted her shoes on "right now!" She was hysterical, and tried to throw herself out of my arms. She hit at me and threw her shoes. I was having a hard time controlling her, and my emotions, too.

The nurse helped me get on her shoes. Precious calmed down a bit. We moved to the post-anaesthetic care unit. Then Precious wanted to watch a show "right now!". She was still restless and upset. The nurse got her a portable DVD player, loaded up Dora, but in the meantime Precious had calmed down and had fallen asleep. She had a two hour nap on my lap. I decided the anxiety of it all was too much and I had a little cry. The nurse came to see if I was o.k. A cry was just what I needed, so I felt better after.

Precious must not have been sleeping that deeply because when the nurse went to take her oxygen sats, which only involves putting a clip on her thumb, she freaked out and woke up and tucked her hands under her so the nurse couldn't reach her hands. And she did it several times. She has 'uncooperative' on her chart in several places now. She's getting quite the reputation!

When she woke up from her nap, she was back to normal. She had two glasses of juice and two popsicles. She wanted to walk around. During her nap, 4 different children had come into the room for observation and had been released. I felt like we had been there all day, although it had only been 5 hours at this point.

They were finally able to check her heart and her oxygen saturation. She was fine and could be sent home. They'd give her one more dose of codeine and we'd be on our way.

When we finally got home, I felt like I hadn't slept in a week. The anxiety of the whole thing and knowing about it for the last two months was too much to take. I made a pot of tea to calm my frazzled nerves, took two sips and ended up deciding a nap was a better idea. Our nanny was here so I was able to sleep for two hours. Precious joined me for the last hour and she ended up sleeping two hours.

I'll give her a dose of codeine before bed and hopefully she'll sleep well tonight.

The doctor didn't end up removing all of her adenoids, as she noticed that a part of her throat looked abnormally weak and floppy. So, the saga continues and I'll find out more on the internet and at our follow-up in two weeks with the ear, nose, throat doctor.


Adenoids Come Out, Ear Tubes Go In

My youngest child, Precious is having surgery today to have her adenoids removed and ear tubes put in. This will be her second set of ear tubes. The last ones fell out, but did their job while they were in. Last fall, she was scheduled for ear tubes, but we canceled her surgery at the last minute because we felt the risk of long-term damage to her ears didn't outweigh the inconvenience of recurring ear infections.

Were we wrong! Precious missed at least 6 weeks of school last winter because of recurring ear infections. It was frustrating for us, painful for her, and of course, her hearing was dampened through it all. I'm sure that didn't improve her speech skills.

In June, we met with her speech pathologist again and we raised concerns about Precious leaving her mouth hanging open. Turns out she can't breathe through her nose and this has led to loud snoring at night, mouth breathing, which is bad for teeth and mouth development, and has contributed to her chronic ear infections.

I can't say I'm not nervous about today's surgery. Of course I am.

Once Precious has recovered, hopefully she will be able to breathe through her nose, hear better, stop snoring, and be able to keep her mouth closed. It could help improve the shape of her mouth and palette.


Bridal Shower

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sunday was a bridal shower hosted by my Aunt Janet. With the wedding less than a week away, the excitement was palpable.

The guest of honour.
AMB and her matron of honour, Sheila.AMB looked beautiful, and there were lots of delicious dainties, drinks, and cake. We all watched Anne Marie open her gifts and a it was a lot of fun to chat with the other ladies. A few people hadn't met each other, and this allowed them to chat before the big day next weekend.

My aunt and cousin put a lot of work into the shower, as did Sheila, the maid of honour.
Of course, my grandma was there.And Sheila's mom and my mom.

After opening the presents, Sheila put the traditional pie-tin-with-bows hat on Anne Marie.

Cutting the cake.
The wedding is in 6 days and there are still a million things for me to do before that day arrives. I can only imagine how much AMB and Tyler have to do!

I have a hockey game tonight and I may be playing on Tuesday, too. Precious has surgery tomorrow morning (see my blog tomorrow for more details), the cat is getting de-clawed on Tuesday, and school starts that day. On Wednesday, we're meeting the psychologist that assessed Precious a week ago. I'm more than a little nervous about that one. Wednesday night is the rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner. Thursday, I'm working, getting my teeth cleaned in the afternoon, and at night, I'm taking Mindy for a pedicure for her birthday, which is today. Friday, we're decorating the hall in the evening and Saturday morning, the women in the bridal party are going to the spa for some hair styling and make-up, manicures, etc. The wedding is Saturday afternoon.

I usually keep my nails really short. Between gardening and taking care of the kids, I am always washing my hands and dealing with really tiny Barbie shoes, peeling stickers off backings and doing other 'manual' labour. I decided to grow my nails out so I could have a really impressive french manicure for the wedding. I wasn't sure how long it would take, but my nails are really long now. Even typing is becoming challenging. I know the manicure will be worth it and once it doesn't look nice anymore, I will go back to super-short nails.


Scary Kids

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Adorable skeleton pajamas times three!


Montreal Rules!

Boy did I ever have fun in Montreal. Sylvie was a wonderful host. She picked out a lot of clothes for me and I tried to help her, too.

We got to Montreal around 10 in the morning and we headed to Place Montreal Trust first. Parking underground was a breeze at that time of day.

My rule was that I didn't want to go into any store that we have at home. That wasn't a problem as there were tons of other stores to choose from. After seeing Zara ads in all of my favourite mags, I was delighted to discover one in the first mall we visited, and the prices were quite low! I picked up a leopard shirt and decided to put it back. Sylvie convinced me to try it on and and it was my first purchase in Montreal (other than a Tazo Chai Latte at Starbucks)!I have a tendency to stick to solids, and I have a lot of purple and brown. I was trying to find clothes I wouldn't normally buy, and this fits the bill! It fits like a dream, is patterned, and the price was great. I think it was $30.

Next stop was Simons. I LOVE that store! The main floor is reasonably priced and trendy. I found a chartreuse kimono-sleeve cardigan. It looks yellow here, but chartreuse is really great on me, and it goes well with gray, which is a neutral I want to get more of. I'm in the market for grey trousers for the fall. I didn't find many bottoms in Montreal, but I didn't try on many, either.
Upstairs at Simons is the designer clothing. They had a Missoni sweater there for $1200! There were a couple of Missoni coats, too. They were gorgeous, but they didn't even have price tags. If you have to ask, you can't afford them!

Everything Sylvie bought that day was purchased upstairs at Simons. She got the cutest black coat, shiny, black cigarette pants, two tops (one purple and one black), and a gray cardigan. She knows all the labels. I'm clueless when it comes to that, so she helped me out.

Upstairs at Simons, I ended up with a white wrap top that she convinced me to buy, as well as a feminine cardigan that she vows looks good on me, although it is a little out of my comfort zone.
More Montreal shopping updates to come!


Third or Fourth Camping Trip of the Year - Depending How You Look At It

We went camping this week, a trip we booked right after we got back from Sandbanks in June. We had planned to stay this time for five nights, but wedding-related activities and the cold night-time weather convinced us to cut our trip down to three nights.

We arrived on Monday afternoon, and left late on Thursday evening, right when the kids would go to bed.

We usually spend all of our time at the beach when we're camping, but the weather wasn't overly hot, although thankfully not rainy, so we decided to try something different. There were a lot of hiking trails at this campground, and they were all rated by length and difficulty. We decided to go hiking in the morning on Tuesday. Precious hiked the entire 3.3 kms herself and it took about 2 hours! I was impressed at her stamina. In the afternoon, I napped with her while DH took the older two kids to the beach.
On Wednesday, we did another morning hike, this one a bit shorter, followed by DH taking the older two on a second hike while I napped with Precious.
There were caves along the way, and there is evidence that people used these caves 12,000 years ago for shelter when hunting.
We had a campfire every night and we cooked hamburgers and sausages on the fire. The kids roasted marshmallows and hot dogs on sticks. On Thursday, we rented a canoe for the day and took the kids for a three hour tour. We stopped at a couple of spots when the kids started fidgeting a lot, or when it was time for lunch or snack. The weather was perfect; cool and sunny. We paddled a long time, and I started to get tired, but we had so much fun. I didn't want to risk sending my camera to the bottom of the lake, so I don't have any pictures of the canoe trip, but we went exploring on a couple of different islands, and had our lunch at one of the back country campsites in the park.

Our tent started to be a problem on this trip. The zipper for the main door broke. The fly is poorly designed, plus it sprung a leak this year, and the hooks are starting to go. We decided to part ways with our tent and leave it in the garbage of the campground. Until the kids are older and want to sleep in a tent by themselves, we'll bring our two smaller tents and split up the adults and take a kid or two each.

As for whether or not this was our third or fourth trip, we have tent camped three times, and we went to a trailer once. So I guess it was our third tent camping trip and our fourth camping trip.


Cottage Recap : Part III

Saturday, August 22, 2009

The week at the cottage was so relaxing. No internet, no radio, just a phone and the TV. We barely used the phone, and we never even turned on the TV for the 8 days were were there! That was probably my favourite part of being away from civilization.

Precious and Daddy playing on the couch.
DH being silly.
One of the three kids on a 'fun' photoshoot we did on the last night, when the sun was setting.
Mr. Boy's friend, Jason, came with us for a few days. It was really fun having him with us, and it was his first sleepover, ever.
DH's dad drove in from Regina and spent most of the week with us, then came back to our place after.
Mr. Boy, sitting in a log during the photoshoot.The kids jumping in off the raft at sundown.

What a great week.


Montreal, here I come!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Every year for our birthdays, my friend Sylvie and I take each other out for supper or lunch, and usually do some shopping, window or otherwise. This year, I asked her if she was game to go to Montreal for a day of shopping and a nice lunch. My birthday was months ago, but since our birthdays are only 6 weeks apart, we usually celebrate mine late just to spread out the fun a bit.

Sylvie agreed to go to Montreal (she loves shopping!) and I'm thrilled! We will get to spend some quality time together, since our standard lunches/dinners are never long enough and we never have enough time to talk about everything. We'll get to do some fun shopping. She can drive as I hate driving in Montreal and it scares the heck out of me!

I've been reading Lake Jane for a few months, and I am always inspired by Marie-Eve's blog. I can't wait to visit a store or two from her design guide for Montreal on Design Sponge.

Sylvie and I haven't decided exactly where in Montreal will go, and the lunch location is still up in the air, but I'm sure it will be fun. I plan to buy some shoes, a knit hat, a white blouse, a metallic hand bag, and whatever else catches my fancy. Ideally I'll also pick up a leather jacket, but that remains to be seen. I am so excited!


Trip Downtown

Thursday, August 20, 2009

We went downtown today. It was really nice to walk around, and the weather was fantastic!

The girls were hanging on Maman.

We stopped in front of the BeaverTails store.
We stopped at a fountain for a little rest.
Parliament Hill.
Maman in all her glory.


RAW rules

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I love shooting photos in RAW. Don't get me wrong. Only problem is DH's dad wants all 273 photos we took while he was visiting, and he doesn't have a RAW readerr, and every single photo was shot in RAW. I IM'd Christine hoping she will know the answer, as she usually does. No luck. She suggested Googling it and Blackle pointed me to the Adobe website, where the answer was easily accessible. Success!

I converted all 273 the photos (and more) to JPEG, and edited and cropped a special group of 14 photos, of the DOG, no less, with a grandkid or two thrown in, but only if they were in a photo with the DOG, as selected by DH's dad.

Am I slightly hurt that DH's dad wants more photos of his dog than the three children I spent almost 27 months carrying and over 7 years raising? Hmm. What do you think?

I sent the photos to his local photo store, and I'll mail him a DVD of the other photos. He's leaving tomorrow and we'll all miss him. We had a great vacation.


Cottage Recap: Part II

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The cottage was incredibly relaxing. The kids slept well. No surprise, since they swam half the day. That allowed us some adult time in the evenings. We played cards with my dad, did puzzles, read, and just chatted. And had a few beverages.

There were a few beverages during the day, too. See the photo below of the kids swimming beers out to the raft.
DH made some cuban specials, which we love now, and I renamed them "cottage specials".
Pineapple juice, lime juice, rum and triple sec are delicious, especially on a hot day.
And so is beer.


A Surreptitious Fridge Cleaner Am I

Monday, August 17, 2009

I got to work at my normal (ungodly) hour and went to the lunch room. I could barely find an inch in the fridge in which to stow my lunch, and I know there were less than 5 people who use that fridge already in. I have gone through the fridge once before and thrown out the ridiculously moldy or outdated food. In fact, there was a giant lunch container in there, which I emptied, and put on the counter, and which, months later is still there. Good thing I didn’t leave it in the fridge as it would be wasting space.

I looked through the fridge (at 6 a.m.) and I ruthlessly threw out at least 14 expired containers of yogurt, along with some 3 Boost drinks that expired 5 months ago. All of the yogurt I threw out was at least 2 weeks past the expiry date, and some of it was from April (it’s now August, people). There is a dozen (I pray) hard-boiled eggs in the door that have been in there for about 2 months, and I will be throwing those out on my next cleaning spree.

I am happy I was able to free up so much space in the fridge, but I could never admit to doing it to any of my co-workers, for fear of being lynched by someone who feels wronged by the loss of their expired yogurt!


Cottage Recap : Part 1

Sunday, August 16, 2009

We spent the last week at our friends' cottage. We have rented it every year for 5 or 6 years. The weather was fantastic. We just ate, swam and slept the whole week. Lots and lots of swimming.

Jumping off the raft.
Playing with Grandpa's dog.
Playing on the shore.
Swimming with Daddy.
Splashing off the dock.

Playing with some friends who came up for the day.The kids swam about 3 hours a day for 7 days, and only about an hour today since we left after lunch.

They swam more and more as the week progressed, and the amount of improvement in their swimming was astounding! They are going to kick some serious butt at their swimming lessons in September!


True Blood

Saturday, August 15, 2009

DH and I are thinking of hosting a Hallowe’en party this year. I think it would be fun to have a theme, like vampires. Classic Hallowe’en theme, and easy enough for people to find costumes. Those of us who want to make it even more interesting can change it up, too. I can imagine some people dressing as Edward and Bella from Twilight, or as Sookie and Bill from True Blood.

Have you seen True Blood yet? I was shocked at the content and that it could be shown on TV. There are no less than 5 or 6 sex scenes every episode. We’re not seeing any full frontal or anything, but there are plenty of exposed body parts.

I can just imagine serving Tru Blood brand 'blood' in bottles at the party. I could easily print up some labels and stick them over the beer bottle labels. I get a kick out of Bill and the other vampires in the Texan vampire hotel warming up bottles of Tru Blood in the microwave.

When I was reading the Twilight series, one of the things I had trouble wrapping my mind around was that Edward, who was something like a hundred years old would be interested in 17 year-old Bella. I mean, I don’t find I have much to say to 17 year-olds. Some of them are attractive, but not in that way. I think of them as children, not peers, and I'm in my 30s. So for Edward to love Bella and want to be with her, well, it just grossed me out.

Same goes for Sookie and Bill on True Blood. I’ve only seen it three times (so far), so I don’t know the whole back story yet, but Sookie seems like a little girl looking for a father. Bill seems old enough to be her dad. I think it is partially the greenish-white make-up and partially the horrible overhead lighting, but he looks ancient! I guess that's the point.

Last week I read that they are a couple in real life, and he is only 12 years older than her. You could have fooled me!


One of my favourite things is saving money

Friday, August 14, 2009

I’ve been eating ‘clean’ for a couple of months. I’m not really strict about it, but I try to choose whole foods more often, eat smaller, more frequent meals, fill up on water after eating, eat as many vegetables as I can tolerate.

One of the best foods out there is oatmeal. You’ve heard it said time and time again, right? DH and the kids like oatmeal, so I try it every once in a while, but the stuff is absolutely wretched. I cannot get past the slippery, slimy feel of the oatmeal. I need tons of sugar in it, and I still can’t eat more than a small spoonful.

I was talking to a friend and she told me she felt the same way about oatmeal but that she likes Irish oatmeal (aka steel cut oats). I thought I would give it a try. I almost balked when I saw that it takes over 30 minutes to prepare! I don’t always have that long to wait for breakfast in the morning.

I can’t remember what I put in my oatmeal the first time I made it; it might have been honey, but I actually liked it! I was thrilled. When we were camping in July, DH and I had Irish oatmeal for breakfast a few times, with cashews and bananas mixed in, or at home, I sometimes put frozen mixed berries in the pot for the last 10 minutes of cooking. I don’t need any sweetener (actually sugar and I have a love/hate relationship and I can’t eat too much of it) and I feel full for hours.

But what about saving money, you ask? DH bought a tiny box of Irish oatmeal at the grocery store for around 5 dollars. At Bulk Barn, I got a bag, with at least three times as much oatmeal, for $1.17. Eating better doesn’t have to cost more.



Wednesday, August 12, 2009

DH and I share our family’s expenses. We put all of our income in one big pot and everything comes from there. A while back, when we had only one (of three) children, we would just buy things when we felt like it. It seemed like we a ton of money. We had a loose rule that if something cost more than $100, we would consult the other before spending. I call it a ‘loose’ rule because I would often ignore it.

Once we decided we would be having more children and we would want one of us to stay home for a good portion of the preschool years, we had to tighten our belts. But first we moved into a bigger house. In my defence, we moved partially because we wanted to be in a better school district, and partially because our old house was so small, but more importantly, so poorly designed, that we would have been on top of each other around the kitchen table with our family of 5.

So we increased our expenses and reduced our income. Hmm. No wonder we don’t have buckets of money anymore.

So the ‘loose’ rule we had used for spending changed to a budget for family items, and a $100/week allocation each for personal spending. What expenses should come from the personal budget isn’t completely defined, but we have some recurring expenses on there and we discuss any about which we’re unsure. Anything we don’t absolutely need comes from our personal budget. For me, this includes eating out, clothes, magazines, hair cuts, visits to the spa, photographic equipment, scrapbook supplies, alcohol, sports fees and the like. It can be pretty tough to keep all of these expenses to under $100/week.

DH spends his money on eating out, beer, CDs, books, sports fees, and motorcycle insurance, which is obscenely expensive.

The down side to having this budget is that it limits what I can buy. The up side to the budget is that it keeps our expenses down. The best part of the budget is that I can buy whatever I like with ‘my’ money and I don’t have to answer to anyone.


My Favourite Blogs

Monday, August 10, 2009

My favourite blogs, aside from those of my friends, which I will read before I even touch others, are a combination of lifestyle, photography, decorating, food and fashion. One of my all-time favourites is Lake Jane, with the ever stylish Marie-Eve at the helm. Her wedding was this past weekend, and the first place I went for wedding ideas when my brother got engaged.

Her blog let’s me imagine the life I would have if I were younger, taller, thinner, more creative, childless, and living in Montreal. It’s fun to dream of dressing from shops in Montreal, on her lanky size 2(?) frame.

Another blog that I read with a mixture of enjoyment and sadness is 5 minutes for Special Needs. Knowing that there are other parents going through the same things as me can help sometimes. Sometimes there are tips on therapies to try, or successful approaches people have used. I like knowing I am not alone, even if my child does not share the same diagnosis and/or isn’t medically fragile as some of the other children featured on this blog.

I’ve already told you all about the photography blogs I love. There are so many out there, every one better than the last. It’s almost overwhelming.

Finally, I faithfully read Cathy Zielske’s blog, Bits and Pieces. She never fails to make me laugh, and I admire her self-deprecating humour and her obvious love of her husband and kids. She’s a real person, with real problems, and I like her.


Vets are Crooks

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Our new cat Lexi is adorable. We’re still working on keeping her off of the kitchen counter and kitchen table. She sleeps a lot, and she likes laps, and being petted, and playing with string. Adorable.

Only problem is that she loves scratching a chair in my room at 3 or 4 in the morning. I’m usually too tired to get out of bed and move Lexi to the scratching post. DH and I have resorted to throwing pillows at her when she does it.

I love my cat, but I definitely believe there is a hierarchy, and cats are below people, and even below my furniture staying intact. After three weeks of trying to get her to stop scratching, I called the vet to schedule to have her front claws removed. I know it sounds cruel and horrible. DH and I are both conflicted about inflicting pain on our cat. I can’t imagine someone bringing me in to have my nails ripped out from the roots. Despite my apprehension, Lexi can’t live with us if she will eventually destroy our furniture, so either the claws go, or she goes.

The vet insisted on giving her an exam first ($!) before agreeing to schedule the surgery. And they want to keep her for two nights after the surgery ($!) and of course, her vaccinations should be up-to-date before they’ll perform the surgery ($!) and shouldn’t we get the leukemia vaccine ($!) even though she won’t be going outside, and maybe she needs to be de-wormed ($!), and look at that broken tooth, which they’ll have to keep an eye on ($!)!

The vet suggested that we not have Lexi declawed until we consider the options. We could train her (not working), or get little plastic caps glued over her nails and have them replaced about every 2 months. A cat that gets more manicures than me? I think not!

I almost fell off my chair when they gave me the estimate for the declawing. Between the adoption cost, vaccinations and the declawing, this cat is going to cost us a thousand bucks! Am I ever glad we didn’t get a dog. I don’t think we have the budget for it right now, plus cats are WAY less work than dogs. There was an annoying beagle mix dog in the waiting room at the vet’s on our way out, and I don’t think I could handle a dog that growls and howls like that.

So the declawing will take place on the 18th, and once Lexi’s paws aren’t sore anymore, we’ll all be happier.


Head Case

Friday, August 7, 2009

I have a big noggin. It`s above the 97th percentile. If I lost 50 pounds, I`d look like a beautiful Q-Tip.

The problem with having a big head is that it`s hard to buy hats and helmets. I just got my old Norco bike tuned up and got new wheels, and I`m raring to go out biking, but I don`t have a helmet. DH offered to lend me his, but that means the 5 of us can`t biking together.

I went to three stores today and found a really cute helmet at the first store, but it was too small. My forehead hurt after about 5 seconds. It was a shiny white skateboarding helmet. I found some other helmets at the other stores, but I didn`t like the style of the ones that fit me. One was a matte gray, although it had cool red straps. The other one fit perfectly but it kind of looked like a German army helmet from WWII.

I actually went to Costco and got one of those traditional, sporty bike helmets. I couldn`t bear to keep it, as I just don`t like that style. Ever since I went to the site of Nutcase helmets, I can`t settle for less.
Don`t you just love these helmets. Only problem is trying to get the right size. The closest store that carries them in Canada is 5000 kms away!


The People of the Book

Thursday, August 6, 2009

I love to read, and my Aunt Jackie does, too. She suggested I read Alexander McCall Smith and I found his books to be charming, heart-warming and hilarious. She also recommended The People of the Book by Geraldine Brooks. It was intriguing, if a little complicated. It was jam-packed with tidbits of history; a fictionalized account of the history of the Sarajevo Haggadah. I couldn’t finish it in the three week borrowing period, so three weeks ago, I got the book-on-CD and started listening. The CDs are due today and I managed to finish it this morning.

I feel like I learned a lot about Spain in the late 1400’s, and some about the Jewish religion, and a little about book binding and art history. Trouble is, what I learned may or may not be true. That’s the problem with historical fiction. Some of it is historical and some of it is fiction. When I compare the book to the Wikipedia entry on the Haggadah, they are very different, with just a few intersections.

The People of the Book is a book that is just on the edge of my comfort zone. It dealt with a topic I know very little about, so sometimes reading it was work. There were many words that were difficult to pronounce, or names I’d never heard before. It was very detailed and there is a fine line between intricate and tedious.

All of this contributed to it being a difficult read for me. I almost gave up around 2/3 of the way through, but then I thought that I’d like to keep reading/listening to get the payoff of the satisfying ending. There was an unexpected twist, and I'm still undecided if the ending was worth the work.

One troubling aspect of the book was the positive picture it painted of all Jewish people, and the negative picture of all others. Christians were depicted as ignorant and barbaric. Muslims fared only slightly better. Jews, on the other hand, were sympathetic, skilled, intelligent, and so on. Eventually I tired the blatant stereotyping.


The Court Jester - One of My Favourite Things

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A long time ago, on Sunday mornings, I used to watch old movies with my mom on the PBS channel. There were a ton of old, black and white movies, with stars like Cary Grant, Katherine Hepburn, Audrey Hepburn and Humphrey Bogart.

One of the movies I always remembered was the Court Jester, with Danny Kaye.
There's the famous scene with the "The pellet with the poison's in the vessel with the pestle, the chalice from the palace has the brew that is true" is not to be missed. And don't forget about the "flagon with the dragon", and the baby with the purple pimpernel.

What I love doing when watching these old movies, is looking at how movie stars, sets, scripts, etc. have changed. Danny Kaye, was as nimble a dancer as you can imagine, but I just can't see him being a famous star today. The costumes in the movie were very stage-y, in that they had the silhouette and bright colours you might expect, with less of the finesse and details you see in today's period movies. The script, while very similar to Robin Hood, was so aptly delivered by Danny Kaye. In the scene when a snap of the fingers releases or returns him to a spell placed upon him, he alternates between confident and bumbling, literally with a snap of the fingers. Hilarious!


Eating Bon Bons

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Today I did something I haven't done for ages. I had almost three hours to myself in my house! Mr. Boy is at a full-day camp this week. I dropped him off for the bus at 8:30, then dropped the girls off at camp for 9:00. I didn't have to pick up the girls until noon!

I was almost giddy with excitement! I had a full morning planned. I stopped at the sewing machine store to get my presser foot fixed, then to the chiropractor for an overdue adjustment. I got home at 9:40 and sanded and washed the garage door trim I plan on painting this week. I moved inside and hung some hooks in the front hall. We'll be needing those when school starts again and we need backpacks and jackets at the ready.

I had a few phone calls to make. One to my brother, about the bachelor party, and one to the animal hospital to schedule getting my cat de-clawed. We've been trying to train her, and we have scratching posts galore, but she still insists on using the furniture, and usually at 4:00 a.m. Another call to my mom to arrange camp pickup for Thursday.

After that, I got on the computer and managed to waste spend the rest of the time on it. I had a few emails outstanding, and I had actually gotten up to 55 emails in my inbox! I have a rule that I should have no more than 30 emails in my inbox. It's just electronic clutter after that! I'm down to 29 right now, which was the best I could do.

So I had a productive morning. And I get three more hours to myself tomorrow! Yeah me!


Civic Holiday

Monday, August 3, 2009

Today is the civic holiday, and a day I am usually at work. It is nice being home. And the weather is perfect!

Last night, we went to an all-you-can-eat sushi restaurant for my aunt's 70th birthday. The company was great because we were sitting with my cousin and his family, and the sushi and the other food was fantastic! Next time, we'll leave the kids at home. It was almost $100 for the five of us and Mr. Boy had 5 onion rings and few bits of rice. The girls each had some rice, and Sweet Pea ate the lemon garnish off of one of the dishes. Not much food my kids enjoyed, but DH and I are planning to go back for lunch during the first week of September. Yum!

After we got home, DH and I watched some TV and chatted, then we went to his music studio and I sang some lyrics over two of his songs. For one of the songs, he had given it to me in advance and I had written out some lyrics. Then, we were having so much fun, he played a different song for me, and I just wrote out phrases that I liked, and I improvised it. Best part, is that DH was so encouraging. I'm thinking of playing the bass along with his keyboards and drums. I play the guitar, but probably not well enough to play and sing.

This morning, DH let me sleep in (again!), then I swept the asphalt driveway and sealed it. It looks really black. I might have to do a second coat, but it can wait. Tomorrow, I'm doing the prep work to paint the garage door trim to match the new windows. I have all of the supplies already, and I'll have almost three hours to myself because Mr. Boy is in full day camp starting tomorrow, and the girls are in a camp from 9 -12 every day.

DH is fixing the desktop computer this weekend. It's been out of commission for about a month due to a nasty virus. Because we have redundant hard drives, he was able to save all of our files, but he still has to re-install the operating system and all of the programs. Thank goodness for the laptop!

After I sealed the driveway, we took the kids for a short nature walk before lunch. They were 'animal scientists' and they were 'exploring'. It cute!
Gotta love holidays!


Engagement Party Recap

Saturday, August 1, 2009

The engagement party was a success, if I do say so myself. About 30 people came, and the party lasted about 3 1/2 hours. Lots of food and drink was consumed, and it was pretty loud, which I think means people were having fun. After initially being really hot downstairs, DH remembered that most of the air conditioning vents were closed, so he opened them and things cooled off.
I can't believe all of the work DH did around the house this week. We were working until 10 some nights! He is my hero.
A couple of AMB's friends drove from out of town for the party. They have known each other since high school, and they were so sweet, and so happy for AMB.
Tyler's old roommates were at the party, along with their spouses. These guys lived together for a few years, and it was the first time they were all together in quite a long time. Phil, the guy in the middle, is throwing Tyler's bachelor party for me. As best 'man', I would normally do it, but Phil is just the guy to take on this job. His wife had to almost drag him out of our place last night. He wasn't ready for the party to end.

Phil is intensely allergic to pet dander, and he figured he would have to spend the evening out on the patio, only coming in to say 'hi' and then leaving early, but he spent over three hours downstairs in my basement and he was fine! I was thrilled, because he's really fun at a party, and a real people person, and of course, Tyler wanted him there.

Bob and Sheila co-hosted the party and Sheila bought all of the food and prepared all of it at the party. Bob made us all dinner at our place before the party. Thanks guys!
I was in charge of alcohol, and ended up mixing up batch after batch of the cuban specials and the soho cocktails. Both were delicious, and I eventually ran out of white rum, but just used dark instead. People also drank white and red wine, and beer. I enjoyed walking around with pitchers of my two signature cocktails, refilling people's glasses and mingling. I even made a short speech, which was a great introduction to the speech I'll be making at the wedding. I'm so excited about that!

I had made some flower arrangements, with white daisies, and a banner that said "Tyler & Anne Marie". We had black and white napkins with 'Made for each other' on them. We had out all our best crystal glasses. DH made a fantastic playlist for the party to play after my shorter playlist of romantic/marriage songs. I had an engagement photo enlarged and I framed it in a silver IKEA frame. It was hanging on the wall as you came downstairs. Everyone thought it was great, and apparently AMB has already hung it on her wall at home, no small thing as I believe it may be the first time she put anything on her white walls.

Even though I was hosting, it didn't mean I couldn't partake in a beverage or two!
There was at least one underage drinker, but otherwise everyone behaved themselves.
Phil said our bar is "off the hook" and so many people commented that our basement was amazing for hosting parties. We got a lot of compliments on everything, right down to the paint colour. I have to agree that the basement was fantastic for the party, and it was fun being behind the bar. I'm really looking forward to the next party.


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