Second Camping Trip this Year!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

After our camping trip at Sandbanks, DH and I were anxious to go camping again. We got back on a Sunday night, and by Monday, we had booked something for the next Thursday, just 4 days away. This time the weather would be sunny (we hoped) and we picked a campground close by. I worked Thursday, and we got home and packed the car in under an hour (many, many hours less than it took the weekend before, owing to the fact that it was our first camping trip of the year). We headed out in nice weather and got to the campground in about an hour. We had a nice site, right beside this amazing clearing, and I immediately thought of Christine and Nicholle Van's photography.

When we go camping, we bring everything in our sedan. It's really, really tight. We have a dining tent, which protects us from the weather and the mosquitos. It came in really handy on Friday afternoon when it rained and rained. The kids had paper and markers, and playing cards, and they spent a lot of time in the tent.
We all sleep in a '6-man' tent. When they say '6-man', what they mean, is that if you put 6 adults in the tent, and you don't mind touching someone on all sides, and maybe having your feet in someone's face, and someone else's who-knows-what in your face, then you will fit. In reality, we have a queen-sized air mattress in there for DH and I and the kids each have a kid-sized air mattress and they just squeeze in around us on three sides. We also have room for one small backpack each of clothes. The fly on our tent sprung a leak on this trip, so we had a bit of water in our tent, more than the usual amount that comes in on the sides due to the fact that our fly doesn't go all the way to the ground. It's an extra couple of inches of fabric people! Just make the fly big enough for pete's sake!
We made it to the 'main' beach on Friday morning. It was picturesque, if smaller than I was expecting. There were picnic tables, a sandy beach, a grassy, sloped area, and a play structure for the kids. Unfortunately, there were only outhouses, and Precious used one once, and the sound of her pee echoing into the bottom of the pit scared her enough that I don't think she'll be using those for a year or two.
We brought our lunch one day, and Mr. Boy practiced catching grapes that DH threw into his mouth. We spent 5 hours at the beach on Saturday. It wasn't so hot that we needed to go into the water, although we did. There was a lot of playing with sand toys and making moats, aquaducts and the like.

By the fourth day, the kids were unbelievably filthy. I had brought shampoo and towels, to give them a shower at least once during the trip, but I figured "What's the point?", they're just going to get dirty again. At least I got all three of them to sit still long enough to snap a couple of pics.
DH took this cute one of Sweet Pea at the beach on Sunday.
All in all, a very successful trip, although we had a bit of trouble getting everything back into the car at the end of the weekend. Strange, since we had less food, and we even forgot our bag of sand toys!

We will definitely go back to that campground. It is far from any major roads, so it's nice and quiet, and the campsites were superior. Best part is it is so close that we can drive there right after work and still have an hour or two to have a campfire the same night.


Christine July 1, 2009 at 10:58 AM  

Great photos Beth!! Looks like you had fun and had the place to yourself!

Anonymous,  July 1, 2009 at 2:04 PM  

I have a blog at where I feature other's blog posts about camping, and I would like to feature yours. Of course, I'll give you credit for quotes and will link to your post.

Thanks for considering this,

Jean B. in SC

Beth July 3, 2009 at 7:13 AM  

I Jean B., you can feature my post. I went to your site but couldn't figure out how to let you know. I couldn't find your contact info.

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