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Friday, July 10, 2009

As you know, DH is a bit of a music fanatic. When Bluesfest is in town, he is out practically every night. Wednesday night, he took the older two kids to the festival. Last night, it was my turn to go with him. We saw a sexy, sultry accordion player with a French sound. I think her music could serve the same purpose as Barry White's, or be the soundtrack for a French tragedy. The sound in the theatre inside the museum was unbelievable.

Next, was Holy F*CK. Great sound, and a cool concept (improvising everything), but watching four guys face each other in a circle and make music doesn't make for the most entertaining show.

We cut out of that show a bit early to get to Metric, the reason I was at the festival in the first place. I luuurve Metric, especially Emily Haines. And DH luuurves her even more than me. The show was entertaining, and I love their music. Ben Harper was about to start, but as Tyler was babysitting back at home, and it was getting late for a weeknight, we left.
I wouldn't describe myself as a rocker chick, but I sure felt like one last night.


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