Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Of course I think my three children are beautiful! Mr. Boy looks a bit like me. He has brown eyes like Daddy, and blond hair, like Uncle Tyler. Sweet Pea looks a lot like Daddy, but she has my nose. Precious looks like me in that she is pale and has blue eyes and we have the same colour hair, but she looks like Daddy in the forehead.

Mr. Boy isn't that fond of having his photo taken. Precious is hard to photograph because she has dark hair and really, really light skin, and she does the fake smile a lot. Sweet Pea doesn't nap, and she's home with me in the afternoon, so she's often my willing and able photography subject.

I was taking the girls to an orthodentist for a consultation. The ortho has these appliances that children can use from age 5 or 6, which help stretch the jaw, while the child is growing the most, and allow for less crowding of teeth which avoids or reduces the need for braces. I asked Sweet Pea if she wanted her hair done for the appointment. She was already wearing a little of my blush. She asked for Princess Leia buns. After I styled her hair, I kept saying "you have nice buns" but I was the only one who laughed.

Sweet Pea was in the kitchen helping me pack a snack 'to go' for the car ride to the dentist. She was sitting on the light-coloured floor, with the bright sun coming through the skylight, hitting the floor, and bouncing up. I used the pop-up flash turned all the way down, and the light from the floor and got this cute photo. I shot it in RAW and only moved the 'blacks' slider up a smidge, as well as increased the sharpness a tiny bit.

I love that Sweet Pea will pose for me anytime, anyplace. And man, is she ever cute. And I realize that I'm a bit fan of high key photos.


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