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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

We got a new cat! She's an "orange and white, domestic shorthair, spayed, female". She's about 8 months old and we adopted her through the humane society. I call her a 'plug and play cat' because she is already fixed, microchipped, litter box trained, has all her shots, and even has a collar and tags. She's a bit older than your typical kitten, so she's pretty easy to train, but still very kitten-like and playful. She does try to bolt for the door every time we open it, but I'm not ready to let her be an outdoor cat because I'm not sure she knows where she lives yet!
The kids like her, except Precious is a little scared of her still. The cat likes to chase string and the kids spent a lot of time on the weekend running around the house pulling string. They had fun, and they even tired out the cat.

Her name was Ruby when we got her, but since that is already Sweet Pea's middle name, we changed the cat's name to Lexi even though the kids originally wanted to name her Leia or Solo! I think Lexi really suits her even though I originally thought of calling her Ginger.

I have been looking at the humane society website frequently over the last few months. I was thinking about getting a dog, but I know I just don't have the time. Our cat died a few months ago, and I wanted to get an orange (ginger) cat. I saw our cat's photo on the Humane Society's website a few weeks ago, then noticed that her adoption was pending. I kicked myself for not rushing out to get her the first time I saw her photo up there. When I checked a few days later, she was up there, but without 'adoption pending' beside her name, and I knew I had to get her. Saturday, I headed out with the kids and they got a chance to see her and pet her before we decided. I had a hard time deciding, because she was stressed out from being in a loud place, and she had never been fostered, so little was known about her temperment. With a brand new couch in my basement, I was also worried about the fact that she has claws. I got her a scratching post, which she has been using, and so far, so good.

The first two nights with us, she slept upstairs, and woke up around 3:30 or 4:00 a.m. and started playing with the metal cord of the lamp, which made a lot of noise and woke us up. This morning, she stayed in bed with us until I got up with Precious at 7:10!

DH describes her as the "best cat ever" and I have to agree!


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