Engagement Party Teaser #2

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

On my five day countdown to the engagement party, I have different activities planned for each night this week. I've managed to get mostly everything done on schedule despite also buying my wedding attendant dress and getting the flower girl dresses with Sheila in the last two days. DH has been awesome and has looked at my list and done anything that he could handle himself, specifically the jobs around the house.

Last night, I downloaded all of the romantic songs from my posting of the other day and I'm making playlists on my iPod for various parts of the party. Sheila has come up with a tasty menu. I've narrowed down the list of signature cocktails we may serve. I'm having trouble deciding between Cuban Specials and Soho Cocktails. I also have to pick up some shot glasses because we're also serving kamikazes. Yummy.

Cuban Specials
Soho CocktailKamikaze

Tonight I need to research ice breaker games. About half of the guests are AMB's friends and half are Tyler's. To get to know each other better is one of the reasons for holding the party in the first place. I'm also going to have a games table and we have a wide selection of games. My brother and I spent hours on my grandmother's knee, playing euchre, just watching at first, then holding the cards, then playing the card we were told, then suggesting a card to play, and finally playing our own hand.

Any ideas on how to put a matrimonial twist on traditional board games or euchre? Anyone? Anyone know any good icebreakers?


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