Photography by Mr. Boy

Monday, June 1, 2009

For Mr. Boy's 6th birthday last year we got him one of those kids' cameras. The appeal was that he could take pictures with his own camera. We learned the hard way that he was a bit too young for a regular camera. I let him go at the farm with our point and shoot camera, and he came back with the zoom lens smashed up and that was the end of that camera.

We got him one of those cameras that's meant to be indestructible. He looks with both eyes through the viewfinder, and the camera has a flash. Only downside is the really low quality photos. I didn't resize these photos, and they are already so small.
I sure love Mr. Boy's photography. Unbeknownst to me, he took his camera to school and even captured some pictures of his friends there. I love seeing his perspective on things.

I guess he let someone else try the camera, because here's one of him at school.

He even did a series I would call "Stuffed Animal on a Pillow".


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