Fun Day on a Sunday

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Today was a day for re-grouping. Staying in. Running a few errands. Working around the house. DH trimmed our cedar hedge. We cleaned a bit. Sweet Pea was finally feeling better after the antibiotics for her ear infection kicked in.

I spent the better part of the morning, organizing photos and scrapbook pages for printing. I found a bunch of photos of Precious throughout the year. I re-touched the photos and made them more consistent for lighting, sharpness, etc. I'm making a small photo album for Precious' nursery school teachers. Usually, I give gift cards for Chapter's. I figure, how many apple-themed knickknacks do these teachers really need and one of them mentioned last year that they really enjoyed photo gifts they had received from other students. I'll give them a little album with 20 photos of Precious. That, and a Chapter's gift card.

Last June, which is the last time I printed any scrapbook pages, I printed out about 30 pages. You really can't beat the price at Costco. They charge $2.99 for a 12X12. Only problem is that some of the pages were slightly crooked from the last batch. I hesitated to go back, but couldn't see paying $7 US at Shutterfly. I approached the woman at the photo processing at Costco and she told me they are aware of the problem, and will re-print any that are crooked. I should check them when I pick them up.

I chose the scrapbook pages in the morning and checked them all. I re-read the journaling for grammar, spelling and punctuation. I fixed a few red eyes. I zoomed into the pages to look for mis-aligned elements. In a couple of cases, I added an element or two, or removed some. I re-organized the pages into folders to show that the page had been printed. I updated my index of pages. Between doing that and parenting the kids, it took me several hours. I put everything on my USB stick, in folders, by size of print desired. Little did I know that the computers at Costco don't 'do' folders. Live and learn.

I showed up at Costco around 3 p.m. and there was a line-up for the four photo machines. While I was waiting it seemed like everyone at the computers had their memory card from their camera in the computer and they were in groups, looking at the photos, deciding which ones to print. "Which one do you like? This one or that one? Well, in this one Suzie's eyes are closed a bit, but everyone else looks good." They would hum and haw over each photo, and be scrolling through hundreds of photos. Not me. No siree! I was prepared and I was angry at everyone who wasn't. I just don't have the patience for these kinds of things. When I showed up, I was the first person in line. By the time I waited for a computer to be free and submitted my job, there were about six people waiting. The other people were lollygagging. Lollygaggers.

For supper, we enjoyed pork ribs, which DH prepares to perfection. He uses a dry rub, which is unbelievably good, as well a BBQ sauce during the last few minutes. We had BBQ-baked potatoes and grilled zucchini with olive oil and salt and pepper. Yummy.

The best part of the evening was watching the season finale of Lost. It really messes with your mind, that show. When you're in the 'past', do you really have free will or are your decisions already made for you? If you try to change the future, are you actually doing the very thing that will create the future you were trying to change? I can't believe we have to wait until Feb 2010 to find out what happens!!!!!


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