Digital scrapbook challenge #10

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Yesterday, I washed all of the baseboards on the first floor of the house. Today, I spent most of the day painting all of the baseboards. Many of them were dinged and covered in black stuff from the rubber bumper of the vacuum cleaner head. We had some new trim put in when we changed the pocket door to the laundry room and we hadn't painted it yet. The mud room's baseboards were atrocious, as they get a lot of wear and they hadn't been painted since we moved here 6 years ago. It took an hour and a half to paint the mudroom alone. Not bad considering I had two pocket doors, the inside garage door and a small closet door to paint, as well as all of the door casings, and baseboards. It looks much less shabby now. Sometime this summer I'll paint the baseboards on the second floor.

Last night, DH and I had a date night and we went to a local music and food festival. We walked around for almost an hour and then headed downtown. We had a beer and a salad on a patio in the market and then went to a brew pub and had another beer and some chicken wings. I only had four small wings, so I was pleased with my restraint. Around 10:00, we headed back to the burbs and stopped in to see our friend who was supposed to come with us to the festival, but got called into work in the restaurant he sometimes manages. We enjoyed ourselves immensely, and finally called it a night around midnight, but we were 10 minutes late getting back to the babysitter. It seems we do that everytime we go out!

The digital scrapbook challenge for the week is to include some flora or fauna in your page. This could be anything from your garden, to your pet, or a wildlife sighting.

Edited to add: The photos should be of flora and fauna.


Christine June 16, 2009 at 5:03 PM  

Does that mean to use a photograph of flora or fauna? Or a flora or fauna accent?

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