Sunny, sunny day

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mr. Boy stayed home from school today with a sore stomach. Half of me says "It's just stress" and the other half thinks he has some life threatening illness and I need to take him to the doctor or I'm a bad mother. Either way, he wasn't going anywhere today, and he stayed in his pyjamas all day. Later in the afternoon, when his sisters were having popsicles, he asked for one and I noticed the sun lighting up his hair. It reminded me of Maggie Holmes' photography, which I love, so I grabbed my camera and started taking pictures. Too bad about the trampoline in the background.

It is rarer and rarer to get pictures of Mr. Boy now that he is seven. I thanked him for his co-operation, even though he wouldn't take the popsicle out of his mouth. At least he was looking in my direction!


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