Spring Has Sprung

Friday, May 1, 2009

Sweet Pea did great today in her spring concert. The class had practiced a lot and she knew the songs well. She's one of the smallest in her class, and she's the youngest. She ended up more or less dead centre at the concert, and she was super-committed to the performance. She decided to wear a green t-shirt even though I had suggested a dress. Little did I know that the teacher had asked them to wear green and she doesn't have a green dress.

If you'll note, she is in the middle, with the dark burgundy pants, and here, doing the motions with her arms, they are perfectly straight and symmetrical. I could even hear her because she was singing loudly, despite there being at least 200 adults and 120 kids in the gym. I was bursting with pride throughout.

Maybe she has a future as a cheerleader.


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