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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

You'd think that with all the extra free time I have right now since my workout options are limited, I would be watching TV more. I still watch The Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mother on Monday nights, but with my hockey team out of the playoffs, there isn't much else to watch. The kids are still doing a weekday media fast, so I can only watch TV if there are no children present, and that only happens for an hour and fifteen minutes a day around here, there's nothing on at that time and we don't have a PVR.

DH and I have been watching Lost since about season 3. Lately, we've been downloading the episodes and watching them on our own schedule. Only problem is, we're getting behind because either I'm too tired, DH is too tired or working, or we have some other activity that conflicts.

I believe we are 5 episodes behind in Lost right now.

DH and will be making a date to watch Lost very soon. I really enjoy the show, and not just because of all of the beautiful people on the show. I'll leave you with a final question, who is hotter, Sawyer or Jack? Sawyer has his charms, but Jack is definitely more my type.


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