Distracted by a Book, Again...

Friday, May 29, 2009

My Aunt Jackie told me about the author Alexander McCall Smith. I ordered Tea Time for the Traditionally Built from the library, and picked up Espresso Tales right away, because it was available, not knowing that it was book 2 of the 44 Scotland Street series. I didn't care after about the first page, and I devoured the whole book pretty quickly. The author claimed to have no plans to continue the series, but I still had the first book to read. After that was done, I was thrilled to discover, via the author's website, that he had continued the series and there were two more novels to read! I am reading the third book, called Love Over Scotland, and have reserved The World According to Bertie.

I believe there is an inverse relationship between how much I am reading and how often I blog. Hmmm.

Other things that have occupied my attention lately:

  • two school field trips last week
  • Precious being sick for the better part of 6 weeks and not being able to go to school much
  • my summer hockey season starting
  • my hockey tournament coming up this weekend (I'm team manager)
  • booking an appointment for precious with the ear, nose, throat doctor
  • seeing my own doctor for my right knee, which is also bothering me
  • volunteering at the teacher appreciation lunch at the kids' school
  • going for a pedicure with Mindy
  • working
  • cooking
  • etc., etc., etc
It's been raining since Monday but the weekend promises to be nice. I'm looking forward to getting out on the bicycle, and weeding some more dandelions. DH put the veggie garden in on Monday night, and everything looks great. The rain has made the whole yard pretty lush. I filled my patio pots with herb seeds, and hopefully some of them will sprout. I especially love the basil and the cilantro. I love making my own pesto, and the cilantro tastes so good in homemade salsa. Yum.

I will hopefully get inspired to take some photos this weekend. It's been a while.


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