The Day All My Dreams Came True

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Precious is developmentally delayed. She currently gets therapy from a physiotherapist, an occupational therapist, a speech therapist, and two infant development specialists. We also pay for a private therapist to come in and implement a subset of all of the other therapies, based on consult notes provided by the registered therapists.

She is supposed to start school this September, but she's more like a 2 year-old in her development. I just couldn't imagine her in a room with 19 other kids and only one teacher. She needs a program where she can get enough personal attention, but still be challenged to progress. She still needs some therapy, especially speech therapy. If we signed her up for a nursery school program, she wouldn't qualify for the free speech therapy she is getting now, with a therapist we really respect.

We were at a loss what to do, then we considered a private junior kindergarten. There are 8 kids per teacher, and only 8 kids in her class. The teachers are certified teachers, and they follow the provincial curriculum. She would be getting the benefits of going to school, but with a lower ratio. Since it wasn't with the school board, we had to ask permission to keep our speech therapist until September 2010. She called yesterday to give us the good news! We can send Precious to the private kindergarten and still receive speech services.

The logistics (no bussing) and cost of the private kindergarten are a bit of a pain, but it is just for one year. We are hoping that when Precious goes to see the developmental psychologist next year, he or she will assess Precious as being delayed and give us the medical note we need to enroll her for junior kindergarten in the school board in 2010. Then she could start in our local school, be bussed, and we'll just what happens when we get there.


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