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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The layout challenge that Christine and I have been doing has been really inspiring for me. Last night, I sat down and started two new pages, and just finished them up today. At this rate, I'll run out of stuff to scrapbook (ha - what a joke!) I still have to tackle this week's challenge, but I will get to it soon.

I started out with a page from Christmas 2008. It's tough deciding which pictures to include. There are usually so many to choose from. Probably because we were hosting this year, I didn't get as many as usual. I didn't get one of my mom and stepfather or my grandma, either. The pics of me, my dad, brother, DH and kids will have to do.
I couldn't resist scraplifting Christine's amazing page from Sunday, using the same template she used. Of course, my interpretation leaves something to be desired, but it is still up there as far as my talent will take me. I'm being hard on myself because there are people like Christine who are just so GOOD at this stuff. I told DH that I'm just not that great at scrapbooking and he jokingly suggested I should quit scrapbooking altogether since there are others who are better at it than me. This helped bring things into perspective. Of course I am not scrapbooking to be the best scrapbooker ever, but to preserve my family's memories and to have a little fun doing it. My pages have come a LONG way, which you'll see when I dare to show you some of my first ever digital pages. *GASP* Look for them in an uncoming post.
Watch out everyone! I'm on a roll!


Christine May 6, 2009 at 6:14 PM  

Yeah, I think you are being a little hard on yourself!! You are not doing it for anyone but you and your who cares what others do. That's the way I approach it! I just copy people anyway, so I can't take any of the credit.. :) Don't tell anyone!

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