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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A couple of weeks ago, I got the itch to shop for clothes for myself. I was a bit overdue as I had been wearing the same three outfits to work for almost 6 months. Don't forget I only work two days a week.

I decided that I would get some clothes that fit properly that I can wear to work. I have tended to buy clothes at the cheaper stores, like Reitman's and Smart Set, and the quality is so-so, the fit isn't always perfect, and the clothes always seem to get holes in them. The prices are irresistable and the clothes are stylish, so it was hard to break the habit.

I went to Tristan one evening a few weeks back, tried on about 40 things, and splurged on a white sleeveless turtleneck, a coral cardigan and a cream suit that had a coordinating skirt and pants. I ended taking all three pieces home (a coup!) but returned the skirt a bit later because the style wasn't perfect on me. The prices are much higher than I am used to, but the quality and the tailoring were better. I paid $110 for the pants, and similar pants at Reitman's would be about half the price.

When I was returning the skirt, I saw a cute dress shirt that I could wear with my suit, or on the weekends. They didn't have my size in the colour I wanted, so I ordered it and it should be in on Wednesday. I've decided to return the suit jacket at the same time. I've had 4 opportunities to wear the jacket and everytime I put it on, I'm unhappy with how it looks, even when I'm wearing it with the suit pants. I was looking around at work and nobody there wears suit jackets so I don't really need it. I bought myself a cardigan yesterday. It's a softer, more versatile look, and saves me $130!


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