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Thursday, April 9, 2009

I finally got in to see the physiotherapist for my arthritic, swollen knee. After three weeks of doing no exercise at all, and being on crutches for the first six days, I was relieved to finally get in to see someone who could give me some practical advice on my knee.

Her advice to me:
1. do low or no impact exercise. No more running or soccer. Change to biking, elliptical and swimming.
2. strengthen my hamstrings which are super-flexible (from yoga?) but not super strong.
3. stretch out my strong but tight quadriceps
4. ice and elevate my knee after activities.

I'm pretty excited to be able to go back to the gym and I'm playing hockey tomorrow. Now that I've come to terms with my knee situation, I am actually excited at the idea of trying new things. DH would love for us to splurge on two nice road bikes and go for long bike rides every weekend. That sounds nice. For now, my old Norco and my gym membership will have to do.


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