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Friday, April 3, 2009

Now that the basement is almost done, (You heard me. It's not done yet. We had the call from the owner of the contracting company that the basement would be "150% done" by today, but it's not) I have started dreaming about furnishing it.

We are not swimming in cash right now after paying for this big reno, but that doesn't mean I can't dream. I went to Modern Karibou, which is cool because they ship within Canada and they have a bunch of eco-friendly and 'Made in Canada' options. I would love to get a bunch of stuff from them.

Aside from the white barcelona chairs and a couple of cool pieces of art, we don't have much for the basement yet.

For the basement, I imagine a low, sleek charcoal gray sectional with this throw tossed over one arm.
Under the sectional, we'd have this modern rug.
One wall in the basement would have this fantastic wallpaper.
Nestled up to the sectional would be a noguchi inspired table, without the hard-to-keep-clean glass top.
In the niche at the bottom of the stairs, we'd have this great console, with some cool baskets underneath for storing magazines or toys. On top would be a nice vase or ceramics.
If we couldn't get the wooden table, this sideboard would be so cool and has storage too. I can't believe the seventies came back!
On the wall above the bar area, I would love to use this wall sticker. It's from Elly Nelly on Etsy.Now if I could just win the lottery!


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