Back in the Saddle Again

Sunday, April 26, 2009

I hurt my knee around March 17th. I was on crutches for a week, and limping for another two. I finally got into physio on April 8th. On April 10th, I played hockey for the first time after the injury. I've played hockey twice more, I've started taking the stairs at work again and I'm not afraid of long walks or standing for long periods of time anymore.

It was high time to get back to my sporty activities and brush the dust off my gym membership card even though I've really enjoyed the extra free time lately.

I was loathe to head to the gym this morning to do Body Pump. I'm too out of shape after being off for more than a month. DH suggested riding the bike at the gym, but I could think of nothing more boring. Then I realized I could go outside and ride a REAL bicycle! I got so excited at the prospect. My bike has two flat tires, so DH adjusted his seat for me and I borrowed his bike. I headed down the bike trail and had so much fun just checking out the scenery and saying 'good morning' to the people who were out walking their dogs, running or biking. I managed to get up and down a few sizable hills and my heart was pounding for parts of the ride.

When I was a tween, back before 'tween' was a word, I used to borrow my Poppa's green bike and drive all over the small town where he lived. I used to just wander all over the place, with no rhyme or reason and just go where the wind took me. I had that feeling again today, except my legs were burning and I was thinking I should invest in bike shorts or a better bike seat. What a great feeling it was to go bike riding. So much better than the stationary bike, better than any spinning class, and even more fun than running. I think I've found something new that I like doing!


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