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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

In the fall, DH and I showed the designer a picture of the powder room we wanted to create in our basement. The photo showed green glass tile on the walls, a counter-mounted square-edged sink, a striped asian-inspired wood vanity, and sparkly wall sconces. We loved the vanity, but needed a bit more closed storage. I'm a big fan of hiding away the mess. I hate clutter. The designer drew out the vanity for us and divided the open shelf in half and added a drawer. We loved the drawing, even if it was just a 2-D drawing of the front view of the vanity.

When the vanity arrived, we weren't quite as happy. The vanity looked a bit like the inspiration photo, with a few notable exceptions. The most notable difference was the grain of the wood. In the magazine picture, the grain on the front of the vanity was horizontally. Our vanity turned up with the wood grain running vertically. The vanity was to have a recessed portion on the front (gables), but our vanity was flush all the way. We didn't like the look of the proportions. We mentioned our concerns to the contractor, and after a bunch of humming and hawing, the principal at the firm offered to make it right, at no cost to us.

The new vanity arrived last week. The countertop isn't in yet, and the sink is just sitting on it. The wall sconces aren't installed because the painting isn't done. We couldn't afford a whole wall of green glass tile, so we chose a colour close to green glass and we painted the walls and the ceiling. By 'we', I mean Daniel, our painter.the vanity in the unfinished bathroom - check out the cork floors!

All that is left in our basement is the countertops, installing the toilet and sinks, a few electrical things, and touching up the paint. Of course, there are a few defects here and there that will need to be fixed, but once the countertops and the powder room are done, we can really start using the basement. On the weekend, we moved a bunch of stuff into the storage room. We've already set up the spare bedroom. All that is in the room is our queen-sized spare bed and a bedside table. It looks great already and the spare room is BIG. It was hard to tell until the furniture went in. The room wasn't to be that big, but due to bulkheads, columns, and other fun basement obstacles, we had to make the room bigger to accommodate a closet. We had to forfeit storage room space in return. Wish us luck getting all of our stuff back downstairs when all of this is said and done!


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