Shiny Shiner

Monday, March 2, 2009

Mr. Boy fell down a few stairs at Kiera and Riley's house on Saturday night. He cried 'bloody murder' and DH ran to his aid. There was blood on the couch, the carpet, and Mr. Boy's pants. His nose was bleeding a lot and he wasn't too happy about the whole experience. He clung to Daddy for an hour or so, and turned down the chance to skate on the backyard rink. Eventually, the Guess Who boardgame was brought out, and it was a good enough distraction that Mr. Boy forgot about his nose. We stayed for a few hours past supper, and Mr. Boy's nose was swollen a bit. The next morning, he woke up looking like this. Downright lionesque.
Thirty-six hours after it happened, he looked like this (below). He went to school, and got a lot of attention for his black eye (and black nose). One side is definitely black and the other side is a bit 'gray'. He claims his nose doesn't hurt at all, but it sure does look bad!


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