Renovations Get Nasty

Monday, March 16, 2009

We're now in week 18 of our basement renovation. To help out the contractor, and to ensure a good quality finished product, we decided to send him a list of all of the 'defects' or unfinished parts of the basement. Nothing's happening right now as we wait for our countertops, which are expected this Friday or next Monday. After that, the plumber, painter, electrician and carpenter are all coming. We wanted to give the contractor as much notice as possible so he could get the contractors to fix the problems when they're here finishing up the basement. We asked if he could reply by email, so we could have a record of everything. He replied "The list of items will be address in person only and not via-email. thx".


DH ended up having a long phone conversation with him this morning, and he addressed everything on the list, but refused to put it in writing. Now I'm starting to get nervous. He is not too happy about how this project is going, and I think we're owed an explanation as to why dealing with him has become such a painful experience. If he is getting pressure from above, he could admit that to us. If he thinks we're doing something wrong, there are ways that he could tactfully address that. We don't deserve the treatment we are getting from him. It's really putting a damper on things. I'll be glad when this whole thing is over.


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