The Kindness of Strangers and Co-workers

Monday, March 23, 2009

I'm beat.

Walking on crutches is very tiring. My car has a standard transmission, so I had to take the bus to work. I got off the bus near work, and I dropped my bag crossing a busy intersection during rush hour. A woman who had also got off the bus came to my aid. She carried my bag all the way to the front desk of my building. I was very grateful.

My co-workers were great. They whisked my lunch to the fridge, and filled up my water container. I got a box and some pillows for propping up my leg. Bob even got me a cup of tea.

After that, the scary knee surgery stories came fast and furious. About half of the people I talked to knew someone who had knee surgery or they had had it themselves. One person concluded I must have torn ligaments in my knee. If that's the case, I guess I won't be playing hockey or soccer this summer. I'll see the sports medicine doctor tomorrow (no reason to clog up the emergency room) and see what's up.

My other co-worker, who lives in my neighbourhood, left work at the same time as me so he could ride the bus with me and drive me home from the park and ride lot. I ended up on my local express bus so I didn't need the ride, but the offer sure was nice!

Some good news on the basement front - the owner of the reno company assures me the basement will be "150% complete" by next Friday, April 3rd. The granite countertops go in tomorrow. I can't wait!


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