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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Mr. Boy's at school. Sweet Pea's on a playdate. Precious is sleeping. There is nobody working in my basement. Ahhhh! Silence.

I was off to Home Depot this morning to pick up a 50W Halogen light bulb for one of my pendants for the basement (one bulb was broken). I was also picking up the special order 18" round stainless steel undermount sink. It was the third try at getting the right sink, and don't they always say the third time's the charm?

A few weeks back, my contractor mentioned that we'd need our undermount sink soon. I had an overmount sink already purchased, but he assure me an undermount would be much nicer. I headed over to Home Depot and hoped I could get a sink off the shelf. No such luck, but a special order would take around 7 business days. I figured I had enough time. I got a call about 4 business days later saying that my sink had arrived. I picked it up, remarking that the box was huge, and brought it home. I went straight downstairs and opened the box, only to find a 12" sink. An oversized box, with a sink that was a little too small, and definitely not what I ordered.

I went back the next day (or the same night, I can't remember) and told them that I had ordered an 18" sink but this one was 12". They checked the serial number and told me it was the sink provider's mistake, and they would re-send my order, and ask for a rush delivery. About 2-3 business days later, I got the call that the new sink was in. I asked DH to pick it up and I asked him to open it at the service counter to make sure it was an 18" sink. He forgot to open it at the store and when he got home, it was a 12" sink. A little too small, and definitely not what I ordered.

DH graciously went back to Home Depot the same night and explained the situation. At this point, we knew we needed the sink shortly, but we didn't have an exact deadline from the contractor. DH straighted the whole thing out at the store, and they figured out why the wrong sink kept coming back. I suppose the serial number was wrong or something, even though it said 18" on it. They ordered the bigger sink and got the expedited service again (I think) and they didn't even charge us for the bigger sink, because of all of the hassles we had been through. The funny part is, that when the guy was helping me order the original sink, I was a little sceptical that he would get it right because his apron was perfect and still had creases in it from being folded. He looked like he had just started working there. I guess I was right that his inexperience might cause us a problem.

We finally have the correct bar sink. Our re-worked bathroom vanity is coming today or tomorrow, and the guy who will measure for the countertops will be here on Friday. We'll wait about 10 days after Friday to get the countertops, then the plumber can install the sinks and the toilet. The electrician can finish installing the rest of the lights and plugs, and the painter can come and touch up the paint. Then we'll be able to use the basement! Yeah!


Christine March 4, 2009 at 4:33 PM  

And you sound so calm about it! I would be ranting and raving!!

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