Cheating At Webkinz World, Part Deux

Thursday, March 12, 2009

I told you a while back that I considered cheating at Webkinz world. By cheating, I mean logging in as one of the kids and playing games to earn ‘money’ for them. I decided against it and nothing happened for several months. In January, we started a week-day media fast. By we, I mean the children. They don’t watch TV, use the computer or play any video games from Monday morning until Friday after school. In a show of solidarity, I don’t watch TV while they’re at home and awake.

The best part of the media fast is that they seem to be o.k. with it and they rarely ask me to break the rules which I wouldn’t do anyway. Being a parent is hard. You have to be consistent. Boo hoo.

I know the children won’t be on the computer during the week, and I know that Webkinz World has a game called Wishing Well 2. You can only play once a day. It’s hardly a game. It’s more like a slot machine for kids, with cute frogs, cherries, lions, wishing wells, etc. just waiting to make a gambling addict out of your child. In Wishing Well, the more matches you get per row, the more money you make. Wishing wells multiply your winnings. Sweet Pea once got three wishing wells across the middle row, which the grand-daddy of all spins. It was worth 1000 Webkinz dollars, which is a heck of a lot of money; or a special prize. I didn’t know she could opt for the cash, which she dearly needed, but I helped her choose a swimming pool for her virtual room instead. Because I came into the room part way through this transaction, I’ve always felt duped. She should have taken the money!

I’ve been logging into Webkinz world on both accounts and playing Wishing Well most days. I’m still waiting for the elusive three wishing wells across the middle.

I was logged in one time and I noticed that my child’s pets were hungry. And she had no money to buy food. One thing led to another and I played a few games to earn enough money to feed the pets. The pet wasn’t that healthy either, so I gave it a bath. It wasn’t that happy, so we had a conversation. It hurts me to see these virtual pets in ‘pain’ and I have the urge to fix them. I shouldn’t interfere, but Sweet Pea doesn’t notice when I do. Mr. Boy on the other hand, once noticed that he had more money that when he last logged out and he was thrilled! And his pets are well-fed, happy and healthy. Without my help.


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