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Monday, March 30, 2009

I'm being kept a little busier with my babysitting tonight. Still, I did manage to make one scrapbook page. I'll add the journaling later. After making SO many girly pages, it was a bit of a paradigm shift to make a 'sophisticated' page for a 6 year-old boy. I haven't scrapbooked anything exclusively for Mr. Boy in years! It's been girls, girls, girls.

When Mr. Boy was born, a fellow scrapbooker convinced me to limit the amount of scrapbooking I did for my first born. She assured me that I would never be able to maintain as high a tempo with subsequent children and the younger children would complain loudly that their scrapbooks weren't as big, or that there weren't as many pictures of them. With the advent of digital cameras, not having enough photos isn't an issue. People take zillions of pictures now. Not like back in the days when you needed to buy the camera, film and flashes to take pictures, and had to pay to develop all of the pictures, even the crappy ones.Remember these?

I decided to keep Mr. Boy's first year scrapbook to under 15 double-page spreads, one for each month, plus a couple for my pregnancy, his birth and a couple of special 1st birthday pages. In subsequent years, I ended up with about 12 double-page spreads per year. I fit everything for him up to starting junior kindergarten into one book.

In my own album, I have lots of pages of the kids, and now that I'm digital scrapbooking, I can make a page for myself and make as many copies as I want. That's one of the things I love about digital scrapbooking. Losing all of my supplies and having corrupt files. No so much.


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