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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The contractor for the basement dropped by yesterday. We're now in week 623 of our basement renovation. No, that's not right, it actually week 77 but feels like week 623. Wait. Let me check the calendar. Seriously, we're in the middle of week 14 of our basement reno. Tomorrow, it'll be 3 months since it started. There's been someone here every non-holiday or weekend, save three. Sometimes there were 6 guys down there at once, but often just the two regular guys.

The 'guys' are working on installing the cork floor today, and they claim they'll be done that today, but they went out almost 2 hours ago and I haven't seen them since. The doors, painting and trim still need to be done. The cabinetry should be delivered this Friday or next Tuesday. The lights all need to be installed. The bathroom toilet, vanity, etc are still not put in. Still, it feels like we are getting to the end. Last week, I made a last minute paint colour change. The main living area was an icy blue, and now it is more of a gray. The bedroom was a deep tan with a lot of yellow, and now it is a much lighter tan with a green undertone. The bathroom is still sea foam green.

When the contractor dropped by yesterday, he asked me about the undermount sink we had chosen for the bar. I said "what undermount sink?", to which he replied that people who pay for granite usually get undermount sinks because it looks so much better and they don't really have to cost much more than the overmount sinks, so why wouldn't I get an undermount? I didn't say anything, but I was thinking that I went through a lot of trouble to get a good deal on an IKEA sink, since I had to make more than one trip, and I was pricing out and comparing overmount sinks all along, and I bought the sink so long ago, that the return time has probably expired, and I have only a couple of days to decide which undermount to buy and I don't know the first thing about them!

So, in a bit of a panic last night, I looked up undermount sinks at Home Depot. I guess I could find a decent one for about $400, but that is WAY more than the IKEA sink we had picked out. And I liked the round sink we had chosen, and what a hassle it'll be to have to return the old sink. Just like in any project, communication is really the hardest part. The contractor assumed that the designer had told us to get an undermount, and we've never designed a bar before nor had granite countertops, so it never occured to us, plus we overspent on the lighting and were looking for ways to save money. Good news is, there is a Home Depot near me and I'll head out and get an undermount sink today and have it here when the cabinets are installed so they can see it when they template for the countertops.

I hope to share 'after' photos with you very soon.


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