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Friday, February 6, 2009

I haven't had as much time for blogging, or chatting with Christine lately because I've been exercising more. I joined GoodLife but only get there around once a week. I go to the gym at workusually once a week. I play hockey once or twice a week. I try to do yoga about once a week.

My yoga pass, at this great yoga studio expires at the beginning of March, and with 10 weeks to go, I still had 13 classes left. That means that rather than wondering 'should I go to yoga this weekend?', it's more like "how many times can I get to yoga this week?" I've been going once or twice a week since mid-December, and it's been really great. The more I go, the better it is. I'm more flexible and I don't take as long to recover between classes.

Most of the time when I do yoga, I feel powerful and centred. I love the deep breathing, and doing yoga in a heated room. Sometimes I'm humbled, like when I can't get into a certain pose, or when I can't hold it very long. I know yoga isn't competitive, but every so often, I look around and notice that 'old ladies' and even men who look a bit like retired linebackers are doing poses better than me. So I'm humbled once again. My yoga instructor, Heather, is like one of those twisty pretzels, and she is so strong and lean, it's awe-some.

I have what could be called a 'strong' practice. I have parts of my practice that are stronger than other parts. I am usually good at focussing. My balance postures are great, and I can do most poses that require strong legs. I love doing back bends like upward facing bow and wheel. Things that require strong abs like crow and handstand are quite challenging for me.

The thing I love and hate about yoga is that there is always another challenge ahead. Some days, even the 'easy' poses are hard. No matter how much I practice, there will still be poses that I won't be able to do. And the only person you really have to answer to when you're doing yoga is yourself.

Yoga is a daily exploration. In my dreams, I have time to do an hour or 90 minutes of yoga every day. Wouldn't that be nice?


Christine February 6, 2009 at 6:00 PM  

Yeah I feel a little disconnected too..I think it's because it's Feb, the winter is dragging on...

Yoga is the perfect escape! And you could kick those old lady's asses any day!

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