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Monday, February 9, 2009

This is my first time trying one of these 'random' posts. Should be fun!

1. My mom left today for a vacation in Barbados.
2. We got our new central vac installed yesterday. Sad to say, it may have been the highlight of the weekend.
3. I forgot how sore my shins and ankles get when I play soccer after not playing for a while. Ouch.
4. I've been carpooling to work for a couple of months because of a transit strike.
5. I love the Twilight series of books, but haven't read Breaking Dawn, and I thought the movie Twilight was terrible.
6. I secretly want to write four bestsellers. (O.K. The secret's out now)
7. I'm pretty pleased that my hockey team is doing so well this year.
8. My father-in-law is coming for a visit.
9. I don't eat enough vegetables.
10. I'm tired of doing Photoshop tutorials, so I went to the library and got a book about makeup, of all things.
11. I never wear my glasses except while driving and watching movies.
12. I find it pretty overwhelming to stay on top of my son's homework/schedule/lunches/piano, and volunteering in his class, and he's only in grade one.
13. I stopped watching Desperate Housewives and Brothers & Sisters, just until Lost wraps up.
14. I have a black cat whose fur is constantly full of knots.
15. One of my pet peeves is a ring of milk left in the bottom of the glass. Another is how DH always manages to leave (forget?) one item on the counter when he puts away the groceries.
16. I am a sucker for the movie Beaches and I will always sob at the end.
17. I think President Obama is pretty cool. The President, in one of his fingers, has as much sense, transparency and charisma as our Prime Minister.
18. My dream retirement includes nightly walks with DH, after supper.
19. I can speak French (well), and Japanese (not so well).
20. I shop at Costco.
21. I hate trying on pants.
22. I love playing euchre.
23. I go to bed really early.
24. I'm done having kids.
25. I wonder if my basement will ever be done.


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