Nature Walk in the Snow

Saturday, February 21, 2009

It is beautiful weather here. Just below freezing, and a bit of snow. No wind. Ahh. Nice.

Geoff suggested we go on a nature walk, so DH and I packed up the kids and headed over to the pond to take a walk. I brought the camera, of course. January is always the month where I take the least photos, and now that there is more light and I feel like taking photos again.

I took a bunch of photos of Geoff and the girls, as well as of my family. I asked DH to take a picture of me with Precious on my back. It's nice to have a picture of myself. Precious looks so cute because of her adorable toque that Great-Grandma made, as well as her pale white skin with a red nose.

I had a girl's night out with a few friends last night and it was really nice to catch up and the location was perfect for talking. I went to a work-related education session this morning, and it was a little slow at times, but all-in-all the 4 hours flew by. Tonight, we're going out for dinner. Tomorrow the two older kids are going skiing.

DH's dad has gone back home. My dad got back from Antarctica on Tuesday. My mom came back from Barbados today and my brother's on the way back from Myrtle Beach as we speak.

I'm feeling very excited about winter coming to a close. There was hardly any snow this year. My basement is almost done. Precious' speech is coming along really well. I'm applying for a new job and I'm excited by the prospect. I feel lucky to have such a great family and great friends. My husband's company isn't doing too well, but we'll survive.


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