Why I taped the fridge shut

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I'm making delicious ham-boogers for supper. There's a ton of snow, and we're skipping Tae Kwon Do tonight. The kids enjoy TKO, but they'd rather swim (Sweet Pea) or go skating (Mr.Boy). That's fine with me. Going to TKO was leaving us only an hour a night, two nights a week, in which to do homework, bathe the kids, squeeze in piano practice, read with them, or go skating.

So I find myself looking forward to tonight because we're not going out, there's a snow storm, we can eat supper in a leisurely manner, and do some math homework and piano practice stress-free.

Still, the kids are a little bonkers at this time of day. Since I'm making a simple supper, I have some free time. In theory, anyway. But since it's the hour before supper, it is officially the 'witching hour'. Do you find that the hour before supper time is the craziest? Are your kids unmanageable and a little 'off'?

Precious comes to me about an hour before supper every day and says 'yo-durt peese'. She gets almost frantic, as though I hadn't just fed her a substantial snack about an hour before, and as though she didn't have two yogurts for morning stack. As though she's wasting away, despite being on the 97th percentile for weight. There is no dissuading her from her goal of getting a yogurt from the fridge. Even if it means stealing it when I'm not looking.

So I did what every good mother would do. I taped the fridge shut. And it's working.

I love when I can outsmart the kids.


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