Smelly Cheese

Saturday, January 10, 2009

No, before you get too worried, I didn't eat bad cheese again!

I did something far worse. I spent $12.50 to watch the Twilight movie. Granted, the book, which was really fun to read, was in the teen fiction section at the book store. I should have guessed that the movie would be geared to teens.

I went into the movie expecting to swoon over Edward even more than I had while I read the book. I even find the actor playing Edward, Robert Pattinson, quite handsome. Trouble was, he had mostly one expression throughout the movie (deep intensity/anger), and with his fake white skin and unnaturally red lips, he just wasn't cute anymore.

The scenes that took place at the high school were painful. Cheesy to the max. Surprisingly, the only saving grace of the school scenes was the biology teacher. Now, he can act!

The actress playing Bella wasn't bad, but suddenly I didn't like her character anymore.

Of course, they changed the story a little, which was expected. They really shortened the part where two of the characters fall in love (I don't want to spoil anything), and they could have made the whole scenario of them pledging their undying love just a touch more believable, if they hadn't fallen in love in a couple of days rather than the weeks or months that were alluded to in the novel.

I'm glad Mindy said she wanted to see the movie before I suggested we go. If I had pushed for that movie, I would have felt that I should refund her ticket.

I tried not to snicker during the movie, but it was just too hard not to. I kept it really quiet. I broke my own rule of never, never, never speaking during a movie. I just couldn't hide my derision from Mindy.

All was not lost, because I enjoyed my pre-movie sushi with Mindy, as well as our conversation. Post-movie hockey was great too. There was a fantastic vibe, an even distribution of skill on both teams, and I got to skate really hard. And, 12 of us went out for beer after!


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