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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Today was the last day of Christmas vacation. We didn't really go anywhere or do anything these last two weeks, but they flew by. The kids got to watch a bit more t.v. than usual. Sweet Pea had three playdates and Mr. Boy had 6 or 7. We got to do some visiting, we went to see a play, had some guests for dinner, did some snowshoeing, watched hockey and did a whole lot of relaxing.

Today, we went public swimming and the kids were so excited to show Daddy how much they had improved since he had last seen them swim. I had brought the three kids to swimming lessons 14 weeks straight this fall. Since Precious was under 3, I had to go into the pool with her, and there were quite a few people I knew watching from the deck. They were in their street clothes and I was in my bathing suit. Talk about being uncomfortable! After all of the effort of getting the three of them there, especially when Mr. Boy would complain that he hated swimming lessons and didn't want to go, I was feeling a little burnt out over swimming. I had had about a month off from swimming and I was ready to go back.

Do you know how some people just seem like they are born to swim? My older two wouldn't fall in that category. Mr. Boy doesn't even enjoy private swimming lessons, but he does like floating around in a pool, especially on a lounge chair or something. He must get that from me. I was on the swim team in high school, but I much prefer floating to swimming. Sweet Pea tries really hard and she can swim with her head under water. She is working on her front crawl. Precious is the most comfortable in the water and she'll sit on the bottom of the pool, then pop back up, or jump into the pool while I stand in front of her, and she'll go completely underwater, waiting patiently for me to fish her out.

We must have really tired Precious out at the pool and in the hot tub, because she had a really long nap this afternoon. After nap, we went skating. DH had taken the kids earlier in the week and Mr. Boy's skates and helmet were too small, so he took him yesterday to get some new gear. He also got a skating 'buddy' which is a support for beginner skaters (sorry, it only comes in kids' sizes!) Sweet Pea needed a little help skating, and she is getting much better with the help of the buddy which she got to use yesterday and today. I brought Precious down to the rink behind the kids' school, but she had no interest in getting out of the sled. We have 'bob' skates for her, which strap onto winter boots and have two blades per foot. She can try those out with the 'buddy' once Sweet Pea doesn't need the skating buddy anymore.

Mr. Boy comes to visit Sweet Pea who is sitting in the sled watching.
Sweet Pea and her 'buddy'.

Daddy and Mr. Boy passing the puck.
Precious waits patiently.

Tomorrow it is back to the old routine.


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