How Sweet Pea dislocated a man's shoulder

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Mr. Boy goes ice skating in his physical education class every day 5once a week. His class starts at the same time as I pick up Sweet Pea from school, so I'm already there, and don't have to pick up Precious for an hour. Last week, I volunteered to tie skates for the kids, and one of the parents brought her skates and she skated around a bit. This week, I decided I would tie skates again, and bring my skates, and also Sweet Pea's. This way we could skate instead of just watching.

We all got on the ice. More parents brought their skates this week. Twenty students, two little sisters, and about 4 parents were on the ice. Some of the kids were pretty quick, but they're only 6, so they're pretty small and harmless. Sweet Pea was skating around, very slowly, with her skating 'buddy'. One of the parents was getting kids to chase him, and he was skating backwards. Sweet Pea was inching along (I'm not kidding). I was about 2 feet away, shoveling the rink, when BAM! the parent flattened Sweet Pea. I knew it was an accident. He was very apologetic. No harm done. To Sweet Pea, anyway. She cried a bit, but it wasn't serious. I noticed the parent was having trouble standing up straight. One shoulder looked lower than the other. His left arm looked longer than his right.

Long story, short, he was taken to the hospital with a dislocated shoulder. He seemed to be taking it very well. He felt bad about running into Sweet Pea, and I felt bad that he had run into Sweet Pea.

We informally agreed that the incident should not be reported to the principal, as we are all interested in continuing to skate with the kids, and we wouldn't want them to cancel the skating program either.


meddler January 31, 2009 at 8:42 PM  

I feel like I should either kick this guys ass, or else he should pay me off in some way.

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