Busy Day

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Being a stay at home mom isn't that easy. I don't get paid. The hours aren't great and there isn't a lot of positive feedback, plus the stakes are pretty high.

It was a busy day today

6:10 - get up with the three kids
6:45 - give the kids breakfast and make their snacks/lunches
7:10 - take a shower while the kids play
7:30 - all are dressed and we start brushing teeth and walk to school
7:40 - get to school 5 minutes before yard supervision starts - that doesn't happen too often
8:00 - snack time for Precious and then a bath - I know, she just ate, but she's a bottomless pit
8:40 - leave for Precious' preschool
9:00 - drop Precious off at school
9:15 - chiropractor appointment - thank you for the lovely adjustment, I feel better!
9:30 - talk to the contractor about where the wall sconces should have been installed, where I want them moved, and tell them they have dry-walled over one of the heating vents.
10:00- my personal appointment
11:15 - pick up Precious at preschool (my mom picked up Sweet Pea at 10:30)
11:45 - eat lunch with Precious
12:00 - Sweet Pea gets home and the three of us leave for craft/swim class
12:30 - craft/music/swim class starts
2:00 - craft/music/swim class ends
2:30 - Mr. Boy finishes school and we all walk home together
3:00- snack time at home with Mr. Boy, his friend and my girls
3:20 - get Precious to sleep (she's gone bonkers from being overtired - usually naps from 12:30 - 2:00)
3:30 - check my email
3:40 - practice piano with Sweet Pea
4:30 - Mr. Boy's friend leaves and we practice piano
4:45 - start making supper (hot dogs - I know, horrible things)
5:15 - walk to piano class with Sweet Pea
5:30 - Sweet Pea's 60 min piano class (I'm in with her on alternating weeks)
6:30 - Mr. Boy arrives for his 60 min piano class (I'm in with him on alternating weeks)
7:40 - Mr. Boy and I walk home from piano
7:50 - we get home just as DH gets home with the girls and some groceries
8:00 - after groceries are put away, put kids to bed
8:15 - leave for yoga
8:30 - do my 60 minute yoga class
9:45 - get home from yoga and DH heads out for a run
10:15 - play on the computer and start blogging
10:40 - finish on the computer
10:45 - go to bed

And to think I thought staying home with the kids would be easier than going to work.


Christine January 7, 2009 at 9:47 AM  

Wow sounds like a busy day! Nothing wrong with Hot Dogs for supper... my stand-by is KD!!

Christine January 7, 2009 at 6:32 PM  

Wow that is a nutty day! I think it's great that you do so many cool activities with the kids... I wish we had a piano.

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