Shopping Marathon

Saturday, December 20, 2008

I worked Thursday. I got an early start because the bus drivers in town are on strike. To beat rush hour, we have to be on the road before 6 a.m. My co-worker offered to pick me up, and I offered to walk up to the main road to save him from snaking around into my neighbourhood. He called me at 5:35 to say he was leaving home. He was about 15 minutes earlier than I was expecting! I only had time to brush my teeth and run to the bus stop where I was meeting him, in the 10 minutes it took him to get here. Despite the early hour, I was wide awake after my little jog!

The drive in was good and I got a lot of work done in the morning. There was a potluck in the afternoon and it was fun to see some work friends and even meet a few new people. The food was unbelievable and I had a glass of wine. Big mistake. About an hour later, I was so sleepy, I could barely keep my eyes open. I had played hockey Wednesday night and had had 2 hours of sleep before the game, and 4 after. Combine that with it being the week before Christmas, two days before my daughter's birthday dinner, and with getting up at 5:15 and you've got one sleepy lady!

I got a ride home from a different co-worker, and came home to the smell of crock pot stew cooking. I knew the kids wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole, but I liked the fact that there was a healthy, hot meal waiting, even if they weren't going to eat any of it.

Right after supper, I started a shopping marathon that ended 4 hours later! I went to two grocery stores, the beer store, the liquor store, the CD store and the store where I got my brother's gift. I can't tell you where that is because he might read this! The shopping trip took so long, that I had to come home and drop off the two kids that were with me because it was past their bedtime. I dropped off half of the groceries and my other purchases, and headed out again. They were forecasting a huge snow storm for Friday, and I just couldn't afford to miss my 'last' chance to do all of my stocking up before Christmas.

Friday morning, I bought the last two gifts on my list. Friday night, DH and I reviewed all of the presents I had bought for the kids to see if they had enough and whether they were even enough that they wouldn't be coveting the presents of the other children. I think I did a good job and I was pleased to see everything laid out. I know Santa is filling the kids' stockings and bringing them each one little wrapped present. They are each getting one nice present from Mommy and Daddy, too. Last year, they each got a set of sheets for their bed. This year, it is toys. Mr. Boy is expecting as much. Sweet Pea is on the verge of that. She knows what she likes and wants. Precious are still pretty easy-going about the whole thing.

So it's official! I'm ready for Christmas!

P.S. The promised photo of my tree will be posted on Sunday, if all goes as planned.


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