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Thursday, December 4, 2008

A cheerful girl named Ruby Gloom. A one-eyed girl named Iris. A bat that's afraid of the dark. A raven named Poe. Who can resist the TV show Ruby Gloom? It is cute, funny, and the way the characters are drawn really appeals to me. There are supernatural elements to the show, but the underlying message is usually about facing fears, believing in yourself, or helping your friends.

This whole it's-animated-which-is-normally-cute-but-this-time-it's-scary thing reminds me of one of my favourite shows from the late 80's. Despite the fact that I was already out of high school when it aired, I LOVED the animated show Beetlejuice. Not to be confused with the mediocre movie starring Michael Keaton.
I loved Lydia so much, I even considered naming one of my children Lydia. It didn't happen, but one of my daughters does happen to have the middle name Ruby. She was named after my late grandmother, not the TV character.


Sylvie December 4, 2008 at 1:11 PM  

Oh my God! I jumped to the pictures before reading the text and they reminded me instantly of Beetlejuice!Beetlejuice!Beetlejuice!!
I used to watch it and loved it too!
Now I think I will have to give Ruby Gloom a try!

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