Oh Christmas Tree

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

It's Christmas Eve day. The chairs, dishes and tables were graciously delivered by Mike. The contractors are taking a day off. The Christmas tree is decorated and the presents underneath are all wrapped. One of the turkeys is in the oven cooking. With 26 people coming tomorrow, we ended up with a 12 pounder and a 16-pounder. The 12-pounder will be cooked and carved today and the other turkey will be cooked and carved in time for supper tomorrow night.

Christmas morning, my mom, stepdad, brother, dad and kids will all be here opening presents. We usually have a brunch, but this year, it will be juice and coffee while we open presents. I didn't really want to prepare two big meals in one day.

Once all of the presents are open, I'm hoping everyone will pitch in to set up for the big Christmas dinner. There is furniture, and the new fixtures for the basement to move out of the living room. There are tables to set up, chairs to open, tablecloths to lay out, place cards and dishes to put out and a little bit of vacuuming too. Everyone will go home or upstairs for a little rest. Once that is done, we'll have the turkey and a few appetizers to prepare. The sparkling wine and white wine can be chilled in the snow bank. We'll fill a cooler full of snow for bottles of pop.

People will start to arrive around 4. Knowing my family, about half of the people will be lined up outside, waiting for the hour to strike 4 before ringing the doorbell to come in. I don't know how many times I've sat for a few minutes in my car in someone's driveway, or took an extra spin around the block to get me to the appointed hour.

There is plenty of snow, presents and Chrismtas stuff. We even went to see Santa yesterday! So why doesn't it feel like Christmas? Is all of the magic gone? Am I getting too old and cynical for all of this? I'm basically going through the motions. Making lists and checking them twice. Fulfilling the duties of the 'job'. I can't figure out why I am feeling so blah. Is anyone else feeling this way this year?


Sylvie December 24, 2008 at 2:39 PM  

Hey Beth! You're not alone! For the last 10 years my kids have been seeing me sad for the long lost Christmases I used to know when I was a kid! But this year I realized that, just as my parents had created Christmas traditions for our family, it was up to me to do the same for my children. And so I broke the cycle by asking Fran├žois and the kids what they would like to do and we planned our own Christmas. I must say that since the kids are getting older, it is much easier. They understand more and there is much more interaction. I'm pretty pleased with what we have planned this year! We renamed the Christmas Holidays "Winter Holidays". We will be spending time together, eating, skiing, visiting family, relaxing, laughing, etc.

Quite a nice tradition to start if you ask me!

valerie,  December 25, 2008 at 10:44 AM  

It's not been a good year for us, enthusiasm-wise, probably because it's been a lousy year health-wise. But last night I said I'd done "enough" to prepare, if not all that I'd wanted. And today we're just moving slowly and taking it easy and it's all good. I hope your party goes well and you found some joy in the excitement of your kids this morning. :) Have a blessed Christmas, Beth.

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