"I Am a True Man Who Can Fell Trees for My Family" and other things DH is fond of saying.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

After settling for Canadian Tire or Home Depot parking lot Christmas trees for most of our adult life, DH and I decided to do the whole Christmas tree farm experience with the family on Sunday, after he got back from Regina. Family time. Bonding.

When I was hugely pregnant with Sweet Pea, 5 Christmases ago, we had gone to a local tree farm, and they had a bonfire, lots of snow, Santa, hot chocolate, and lots of trees. Since I was due Dec 17th, and it was the first weekend of December, we decided to forgo the traipsing through the woods part, and head straight for the pre-cut trees. We figured they were pretty fresh, and we had the experience of having a tree that actually drank the water we put in the tree stand. Rather than having a dead tree in a stand with water in the base, we had to refill the stand as the tree drank up the water. It was lovely, and so many less needles falling, and less of a fire hazard!

Sunday morning, we headed out 'en famille' to a new tree farm. This one had less attractions, but promised better prices. The toboggan hill was nice, and the kids could have spent a lot longer there. The wooden shed with the wood stove, hot chocolate and hot dogs was a hit with the kids. The local cat who wasn't shy to try to sneak a bit of hot dog, not so much.
We had hot dogs and hot chocolate, which was spilled down Mr. Boy's coat (oh well, it was time to wash it anyway, I guess), and headed out on the wagon to the back lot where there were trees for cutting. They had all been pruned, and there were lots around 8 feet tall, which was the size we were looking for. Soon after getting off the wagon (ha ha!), we found the perfect tree. The only thing I was leery of was its proximity to the wagon drop-off spot. Surely someone else would have picked this one if there weren't something wrong with it. Was there something wrong with it? Why couldn't I figure it out?

DH and the kids with their mean faces (below). DH is showing his manliness and his face conveys "I could hunt and kill our own meat if I wanted to. Just watch me cut down this tree with this saw!"
Once we picked the tree, the kids scooped the snow away from the base and DH started cutting. Once you start cutting, you can't really change your mind. DH got the tree down pretty quickly, but the lower branches were stuck in the snow. Once that was resolved, DH got our tree out and we headed back to the rendez-vous (I've always wanted to say that) and got our tree home for installation and decorating.
Our beautiful, fresh-cut tree. Tomorrow's post will be about the decorated tree.


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