Happy 5th Birthday Sweet Pea!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

My Sweet Pea was born at home 5 years ago today, on a snowy, wintry day; the last day of fall. After having an uneventful and healthy pregnancy and delivery, drug-free at the birthing centre for Mr. Boy's birth, DH and I wanted to have our next child at home. We managed to get accepted at the midwives, and started our care there. We had the same birthing centre as our back-up location in case something went wrong during the delivery, and it is only 10 minutes from home.

The morning that Sweet Pea was born, I woke up around 6 of so, thinking something was probably happening. I was already three days overdue and had been through this before. I went back to sleep, and got up around 8:00 or 8:30. I figured something was definitely happening, so I called my mom to get Mr. Boy, who was 19 months old at the time. He ended up waking up with a terrible fever, but there was not much I could do about that, so off he went to Grammy's. DH and I went for a brisk walk through the snowstorm to get a newspaper and to get the labour moving. It was only about 10 minutes each way, and I was having lots of contractions. We got home and I did the crossword and figured we should call the midwife.

My first labour and delivery was about 6 hours, including 1 1/2 hours of pushing, so I doubted this would be a long labour, but the midwife wasn't in a panic when I called. She said she'd come soon. I answered the door, reading the baby name book when she arrived. She assumed I wasn't very far along, but her mood changed after she did an exam a few minutes later. She called the other midwife right away and started setting up her equipment. Just after 2, after I was starting to get frustrated that the labour wasn't moving more quickly, the midwives suggested breaking my water. I didn't want any interventions, but decided it was worth a try, especially after one of the midwives said she had done it with her children.

They broke my water and I felt the urge to push. I then realized that I had not once felt the urge to push with my first delivery. Strange! I pushed for maybe a minute, and Sweet Pea was born in our bed at 2:16 p.m.! She looked like just Daddy, but I knew she was mine, because I had seen her come out with my own eyes! (ha ha)

You're probably wondering about the mess. We had a shower curtain under our bottom sheet, and we had bought some of those blue medical pads. The midwives put the sheets in the washing machine for us, and I had a shower right away. It was lovely! Sweet Pea was born in our bed and slept with us for the next 9 months. She never went more than 2-3 hours without nursing in those 9 months, and she wouldn't take a bottle, so I had to take her everywhere with me. I would nurse her several times a night, but we were on the same routine and I would start nursing her and we'd both fall asleep again.

Here is Sweet Pea, 5 years later, on a day very similar to the day she was born. We had a birthday party with the family, with sausages and french fries, which Sweet Pea loves, and a 'delicious' cake that Sweet Pea and I made, and I overcooked.


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