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Monday, December 29, 2008

My brother always gives the most thoughtful gifts. He spends a lot of time and energy picking just the right thing. This year, he gave me a pair of snowshoes (used, that he can borrow whenever he wants), the new Seal CD, and a camera bag that will hold my new Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L USM Lens, when I get one. If he had the budget, I'm sure he would have got me the lens, too.

DH gets perplexed and discombobulated when Christmas rolls around. He is always busiest with his work in December. They have to get products delivered before year-end so the stock doesn't nosedive yet again, and more people don't get laid off. Don't you just love telecom?

So DH wants to get me something I really like, and I am usually able to give him a list and I will get something awesome from my list, as well as something awesome that I wasn't expecting, and a bunch of really expensive chocolates that I will usually consume in one day. I recall him saying one year "do you realize you just ate $20 worth of chocolates in 10 minutes?" to which I replied "no, I didn't realize they were that expensive! They sure were tasty!"

DH was even busier this year with his unplanned two-week trip to Regina. So when he finally had a free day to do some shopping, it was already December 22nd. He only had me to buy for, so as long as he was doing a cash and carry, everything would be alright. He asked if getting my present late would bother me. I said it wouldn't, but I wasn't as gracious as I could have been when Christmas rolled around and people asked me what I got. Sorry about that DH. I did get some really nice things Christmas morning from DH, including a memory stick and a photography book.

My 'late' present arrived today while I was at work. It is the first mail delivery day since Christmas, so it was really just one day late, and it was worth every second of the wait. After coveting EVERYTHING at Ahpeele's Etsy shop, I received my beautiful koi t-shirt. What I didn't realize is that DH also got me an amazing print by AdAm himself, to be framed and put in the basement. I am over the moon and I will never, never, never take off my new shirt. And if I ever do, and anyone ever puts this thing in the washing machine rather than washing it by hand, I will hunt them down and put bamboo shoots under their finger nails. Let that be a warning!

If for some reason, you have not shopped Etsy, you must. I got some awesome art for the basement from a woman in California. There are too many nice things to ever shop anywhere else!


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