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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Birthday Girl

For Sweet Pea's birthday party this year, we let her choose what to do. Usually we have a party at home, and the child is allowed to invite one guest for the number of their birthday. Usually turning 5 would mean 5 guests. When Sweet Pea came up with the idea of a cooking school party, I looked into it and the minimum number of guests was 12. Including my kids, that meant 9 guests. In order to get that many at this time of year, with Christmas parties, hockey parties, etc. in full swing, we had to invite about 15 kids!

The party took place upstairs at the grocery store, with two teenaged helpers. I call them helpers, but actually, DH and I didn't have to lift a finger. Good thing too, as he was more than a little tired after arriving back from Regina 5 minutes before we were leaving for the party. And I was a little tired after being home with the kids for 2 weeks without DH. Thank goodness for my brother's help!

The kids were really excited to make their own pizza dough, choose their own toppings, and make fruit salad (just apples and bananas, but that's what kids that age like anyway!). They also got to decorate cupcakes like snowmen, using marshmallows, licorice and candy canes. They ate their pizza and fruit salad, then had some cake, opened presents, and then it was over!

I would say having the party at the cooking school was a great idea. It was lots of fun for Sweet Pea and her friends, and no clean up for me. The price wasn't even that outrageous as it included supper for the kids, cake, and cupcakes to take home. It was just a bit more than I would spend on a home party. We may end up becoming regulars!


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