Boxing Day Special

Friday, December 26, 2008

We made it! Christmas is over and our dinner for 26 was a success. Santa brought what the children had asked for, and there was merriment and fun. In this photo, the kids are waiting to open their presents on Christmas morning. Aside from all of the toys, they each got a pair of snowshoes, and they'll be getting downhill skis, too. Sweet Pea and I went snowshoeing today for an hour. I am the Snowshoe Queen and she is the Snowshoe Princess. We 'conquered' the world on our trek today.

After the presents were open, Tyler and Dad helped us move all of the furniture, and we got the tables and chairs for dinner set up. The tablecloths were laid. The scotch mint place cards were set out, and the kids help us set the table with knives and forks and napkins.

Everyone brought something to eat and the food was delicious. Our oven is a bit wonky, so we put the turkey in at 300 degrees (50 degrees lower than it should be), and the turkey was still ready after 3 hours rather than 4. That left us plenty of time to carve it all, make gravy and cook the other dishes that needed cooking or warming. We were pretty busy for about an hour right before supper. Everyone served themselves then sat and everyone was eating at the same time. We ate at the extremely early hour of 5:15.

Right after dinner, DH played Jingle Bells on his accordion for everyone and then the kids played piano. I got a nice photo of Precious and me before everyone arrived. Not many good photos of the kids, but a couple worth keeping. We also took a photo with my dad, brother, and my family, so I'll retouch that one and post it soon.

I found a little holiday magic when all of my mom's family was here. Some things never change, and my mom's family is no exception. My uncle Bernard was 6 minutes early. I predicted everyone would be gone by 8, and I wasn't far off. Most people left right after 7 and only four lingered until after 8.

The holiday merriment isn't over yet. We're having friends over for breakfast tomorrow morning, then some others over for dinner tomorrow night. Some of my cousins and I are going to a restaurant on Sunday evening. I'm working Monday, then we have some free time to have more friends over later in the week.

I can't wait to go snowshoeing again!


Christine December 28, 2008 at 6:21 PM  

Looks like dinner was a success! Hope you had fun and sounds like you are pretty busy until new years!

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