Phew, What a Week!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Ever feel jinxed? Last week was one of those weeks. Monday night, I drove 25 minutes out to my naturopath's office and the whole place was dark, the front door was locked, and there were no cars in the parking lot! I had an appointment card that said I was scheduled for an appointment, but obviously someone forgot to tell the doctor. I turned around and drove 25 minutes home.

Wednesday morning, I went to Starbuck's to meet Mindy for a coffee. I waited and waited 30 minutes and still no Mindy. Since I don't have a cell phone, I never thought to call her, I just figured she was caught up with something or she forgot, but it turns out we had out signals crossed and she thought we were meeting on Thursday but I thought we were meeting on Wednesday.

Thursday morning, DH and I had an important meeting with the preschool team for Precious. We had seriously considered withdrawing her from the program because we weren't sure she was getting adequate attention, but what was said at the meeting assured us that she would be getting attention and that the teachers would be focussing on the goals we had set out.

Friday night, I played soccer with Dory's Crew and hurt my ankle when I was trying to kick the ball and a girl on the other team was trying to kick it in the opposite direction, at the same time. I ended up playing half of the next game because a bunch of ladies on my summer team were there and they were short a few players. I had to leave early because I had hockey at 10:15. I left the soccer field and headed for the arena and played my game. I had a pretty good game, but I was feeling a bit tired. It was over 5 hours since supper, plus I'd played 90 minutes of soccer and we had only 7 skaters. 10 is normal, so we were kind of tired. I finally scored a goal, and I got an assist, so I was pretty happy. Plus, the chicken wings at the bar after the game were the best I had ever had!

On the weekend, Mr. Boy had two birthday parties and at the second, I brought Sweet Pea and I paid for her so she could play on the jungle gym and have fun while we waited. It was fun for her and she enjoyed running into her brother. I painted window trim for an hour and a half, and we even went out on Saturday night to see a band that DH knows.

Today, I was at work and the nanny was at home with the kids. Mr. Boy came home from school before 9:30 because of a sore stomach. The nanny is so great. She plays with the kids, helps Precious with her speech, does the laundry and keeps everything neat. I was a bit late getting home today because I stopped at the blinds store (French pun Sylvie), the bank and the plumbing store on the way home. Ever since we ordered our basement powder room fixtures, I've been second guessing myself on the toilet we chose. I felt like we were spending a premium on everything from flooring to cabinetry to ensure it was 'green', but we had a traditional 6 litres/flush toilet instead of a dual flush. I went today and switched to the dual flush. All of the fixtures are in and are being delivered on Wednesday.

The lighting store called and our bathroom sconces and bar pendants are in. I managed to switch the pendants to this one below, called Fiero. I had ordered ugly ones and I'm glad I was able to change my mind.Normally I work on Tuesdays, but tomorrow is Remembrance Day here in Canada, so I have the day off. When I was leaving work, I said in a faux-dramatic way "What a week!" and they laughed and said they would get me back for that comment!


Mindy November 10, 2008 at 8:04 PM  

Hey B - Sorry I was part of your frustrating week...I am so pleased that you got through to the school - she does belong there and deserves adequate attention and focus on her goals I hope things turn around now that you've talked. How were you able to do that many sports with a sore ankle? I was thinking about you and your 'short work week' today with a smile. A nanny who looks after the kids and light housework?! Cool! Enjoy your dual flush...I am jealous :-)

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