Birthday Party for Precious

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Yesterday we had a birthday party for Precious at the house. Sweet Pea and I made a cake Friday afternoon during Precious' nap. After hockey on Friday night, I decorated it and put a little Dora figurine in the corner. Saturday morning at 10, her friends arrived. Lauren, Abby and Abbi (and Isabella - yeah!) came and they had a snack, opened presents, and ate cake. Their parents are so nice and it was really fun for me to take pictures and to get to know Abby's mom and Lauren's dad. The party went well, despite the fact that I forgot the ice cream and the loot bags! The house was a bit messy, because everything that was in our basement is now stored throughout the house. We have our chest freezer and beer fridge in the kitchen right now, a set of dining room chairs (my brother's) in the living room, and there are two Barcelona-style chairs in the den which don't belong there. Don't get me started on the spare bedroom and the garage! We can't even park in the garage and it's a two-car!


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