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Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Hallowe'en Everyone!
Mr. Boy is an astronaut, Sweet Pea is Ariel, and Precious said 'No princess!' so we improvised and she's Santa, replete with Ho Ho Ho! I don't know if a nightgown with Ariel on it is really a costume, but Sweet Pea believes she's Ariel, so why argue?

While DH was away last weekend, we went to the local veggie farm and picked up the biggest pumpkins we could find. Precious got a normal sized pumpkin and the other two got really big ones. I figured, '"why not?" except that I could barely lift them into the trunk of the car! Once I got them home and into the house, Tyler weighed them and one of the big ones was 33 pounds and the other was 43 pounds! No wonder they were hard to lift. Sweet Pea asked to have Ariel carved in her pumpkin.
Mr. Boy asked for Darth Vader. I've got the laptop in the front hall and I'm blogging this as I answer the door for the trick or treaters. Most of them have commented on the Darth Vader pumpkin. This was the second Darth Vader this year. Mr. Boy brought home a pumpkin from his field trip a few weeks ago and I carved a Darth Vader for him. It looked really good, but the fruit flies were having a field day, so I put the pumpkin outside overnight to kill the fruit flies. In the garage might have been a better idea, because Rocky Raccoon or some other suburban wildlife ate most of it. Mr. Boy told me "I told you so". He did warn me that putting it outside was a bad idea.
Tyler ended up carving most of Darth Vader #2.

On another note, Mr. Boy has his first loose tooth ever. He was complaining that his mouth hurt and it was hard to chew. Once I showed him that his tooth was loose, he stopped complaining and started vibrating with excitement over getting something from the tooth fairy, and also adding his name to the calendar at school where all the lost teeth are recorded.


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