Marathon Shopping Trip

Thursday, October 23, 2008

DH and I had a lot of things to special order for the basement reno so they would be here before it starts in a month or so. We had a big agenda for today. The nanny was doing a trial run before my return to work on Monday, so we had most of the day. It wasn't really a shopping trip, but more of a buying trip!

We needed to order the closet doors. I never imagined there were stylish sliding closet doors out there, but we found these, and they come in solid oak or maple. We got the oak because we're painting them white, like the trim. The handles even match the other handles we're using in the basement! In the bedroom, we're getting the mirrored doors, and for the storage room closet, we're getting frosted glass.
In the powder room, we're having a gorgeous horizontally-striped vanity built. It will have a counter-top squared-off rectangular sink, no picture available, and this counter-mounted faucet, but in brushed nickel.
The toilet is a one-piece, with a slow-closing lid. I know nothing about toilets but this one is easy to clean, and that's all right by me. We're replacing the handle with one that is brushed nickel.
We ordered some Canadian-made light fixtures for the powder room. The whole room will be painted an aqua green. This is to compensate for the fact that I won't have a whole wall of green glass tiles in my powder room. If I had a bigger budget, I would have the tile. The wall sconces we ordered are frosted glass like the photo, but with a satin nickel back plate.
The bar will have dark wood cabinetry and black countertops, with an 18" deep black bar counter wide enough for three bar stools. We ordered some multi-coloured light fixtures today. A few hours later, I started hating them and wishing had gone with the ones I orginally wanted, which look a bit like the ones below. The ones I liked are amber and have a mottled pattern to them. I'll call the store tomorrow and see if it is too late to change my mind.
Below: The light fixtures I regret ordering.
Here's a picture of the cork flooring we are getting throughout the basement. All of the cabinetry will be dark chocolate and the walls will be smoky blue/grey throughout except the powder room which will be aqua green, and the bedroom which will be tan.
This is all getting very exciting, and expensive. We still have quite a list of things to buy, but everything that is left to get is off-the-shelf. We still need a bar sink and a faucet, and some shelves for over the bar. I've seen some I like at IKEA and the kids can come for that and play in the ball room while we shop. The doors handles can be had at the local big box store, but they were out of stock today. Worst case scenario, we have to pick a different style or run out to the other end of town.

I've even ordered the first piece of furniture for the basement. I live in a Cape Cod house so the upstairs, with its knee-walls is a bit on the traditional/cottagey side. The main floor is more transitional, and the basement is starting to tend more to modern. I'm really excited about this, but also scared out of my wits! I may be in over my head!


Christine October 23, 2008 at 7:13 PM  

Nice toilet, can't wait to try...oh forget it. NO really, wow nice stuff! I can't wait to see the end result. Basement party perhaps?

Can't believe you start work on Monday, good luck!

Mindy October 30, 2008 at 9:29 PM  

YOU GOT YOUR CHAIRS!!!! Yeah! Looks like you are designing my kind of basement and giving Candice Olsen a run for her money... looks great!

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